What is Pre-pooing? Is it Good For Your Curls?

Before we begin, let us clear the air, no we are not talking about your bathroom habits. Pre-poo is a short form for pre-shampoo or prepping your hair for the wash day. It works by hydrating the hair and scalp preventing excessive water loss during cleansing. This will keep your curls hydrated, soft and shiny. Pre-pooing is the easiest way to keep your curly hair hydrated and protected. The term might sound absurd to you, but this haircare trick is one you don’t want to miss out on.

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If you are looking for ways to elevate your hair care routine or improve the health of your dry and brittle hair, pre-poo is the way to go. But where do you start? We’ll find out!

What is pre-poo?

A moisturizing treatment before you cleanse and condition your hair and scalp is called pre-poo. You can use a range of oils, masks, scrubs and DIY products to pre-poo. The treatment covers everything from cleaning and calming to detangling and hydrating. The primary objective of a pre-poo though is to preserve moisture and protect your curly hair while cleansing. It helps enhance the texture of your curls, making them softer and shinier.

Types of pre-poo

Types of pre-poo

When it comes to pre-poos, there isn't really a one-size-fits-all solution. Before deciding on the right course of action, you must identify your priorities. Pre-poo treatments can generally be divided into three groups: oils, masks/conditioners, and clarifying treatments. When to look at each is as follows:

1. Oils


Oil treatment is a great choice if the goal of your pre-poo is to boost moisture in your hair. Any hydrating oil will work well, but olive, coconut, castor, and argan are all excellent choices for moisturizing, calming, and guarding your hair from extreme dryness during the cleansing process.

You may keep an oil pre-poo in your hair for between about 30 minutes to a few hours. You can't really do anything wrong as long as you continue with a light co-wash and conditioner, and complete your styling process.

2. Masks


Another pre-poo alternative is masks and cream-based conditioners, especially if you need a product that moisturizes, detangles, and strengthens your hair. Think about this: When you add shampoo to hair that is already dry or tangled, there is a danger that your hair will get drier than usual. This is why it's crucial to prepare your hair with a hydrating pre-poo before beginning your wash ritual. Some people even choose to wear a silk or satin bonnet overnight and let the product sit in their hair.

3. Clarifiers


Pre-poos are excellent for clearing residue from your scalp, particularly since curly hair is frequently treated by heavy cream or oil based products. Additionally, you don't have to worry about your hair drying out because you always use a rich cleanser and conditioner after your pre-poo. Pre poo with a clarifying shampoo is like a hair detox, it’ll help you get rid of the build up and add shine to your locks making it more manageable. Just be aware that clarifying treatments must not be applied to your hair more than once a month and shouldn't be left for more than 20 minutes.

Is pre-poo good for curly hair?

If your curls are loose, you have waves or if your hair seems a little over-moisturized, we’d advise you to avoid pre-pooing. Curlheads who own tighter curls that shrink often and appear dry most of the time, should seriously consider pre-poo treatments. Does it take you a decade to detangle your curls on a wash day? Then, you can count that as a sign to adopt pre-poo treatments in your wash day routine. Trust us, it’ll drastically improve the health of your curls.

Is pre-poo good for curly hair

So, in short, yes! Pre-poo treatments are good for your hair. You’ll gain shinier hair with a healthier scalp. Also, a good scalp massage with these products enhances blood circulation which encourages hair growth and reduces hair loss.

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