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We’ll Tell You How To Refresh Your Curls Between Wash Days!

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It isn't a lie when people say curly hair is hard to maintain. One day you have well-defined curls, and you wake up the next day to find nothing but frizz. Somedays you might not want to wash your hair, you might be running late or it’s a cold morning or you are simply lazy that day, but you also want to have healthy, shiny and frizz-free curls. In that case, Buckle up! Here we are with some curated tips on how to refresh your curls between wash days to keep your curls looking at their best.

There are multiple factors that determine how long your washed and nourished hair can survive before the next wash. While most are in your control, some are not. The weather, for example, can’t be controlled unless you have some unexplainable superpowers. But your workout routine and scalp health can be monitored and taken care of. Regular exfoliation and hydration will leave your scalp thriving. You can schedule your workouts in line with your wash days to prolong the life of your curls. Other than that, you can try:

1. Water is your best friend

Refresh Your Curls Is Through A Spray Bottle

Yes! No new products, nothing. Just the good old H2O will do the job, by reactivating the products that you used on your wash day. Additionally, it also helps your curly hair to re-clump to give some definition to your strands. The best way to use water to refresh your curls is through a spray bottle. Spray enough water on your hair, flip your hair, rub your scalp or do anything that works for you to make it absorb. There you go, you’ve got your very own hairspray.

2. Use your fingers

Frizzy Curls

You can do this as a passive activity while watching a movie or reading a book. You can apply your favourite styling cream or spray water on your frizzy curls and twirl each strand with your finger until you get the desired twist. To finish off, crunch your curls a little and let them air dry. You can apply some leave-in cream on the freshly twirled curls to hold the moisture and retain the definition.

3. Silk and Satin to the rescue

Satin Bonnet

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Silk and satin cause less friction to your hair, which means less frizz and less breakage. Cotton, on the other hand, can dry up your curls relatively faster than silk or satin which means it can roughen up your cuticle and damage your definition. Using a silk pillowcase or a satin bonnet can be an easy first step to involve these in your routine.

4. Styling gel

Hair gels can be a great way to hold your curls in place and bless them with some longevity. Spray some water on your hair and apply a small amount of styling gel to each curl.If you’re in the search for a good styling gel, we’d recommend Curlvana’s Curl Defining Styling Gel which deeply conditions curls to give flexible holds. 

Styling Gel

Once you are done applying to all parts of your hair, scrunch your curls and let them air dry, you can use a diffuser in low heat to speed up the process.

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5. Leave in creams

Understanding the dynamics between hydration and curls has to be the foremost thing you might have to learn if you are a curly head. More the hydration, more the definition. You can use leave-in cream post your wash days to sustain your curls with some hydration. This will give your curls a soft hold.

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How often does one need to refresh their curls?

frizz Free Curls

Honestly, there is no one size fits all kind of answer to this question. It differs according to each individual. Not just their scalp health but how much they sweat, what they eat, their physical activities, everything comes to play. You can either go for preventive measures during your wash days to make your curls last or you can use reactivating products and styling products to keep your curls intact.

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