Steps To Elongate Your Curls

5 Ways to Elongate Your Curls!

If you have naturally curly hair, you are by now aware of the fact that shrinkage is a part and parcel of the deal. Even though it’s your genes that are responsible for the type of hair that you are born with, it does not mean you must confine yourself to it. You can play with the style of your hair now and then to keep it interesting.

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You might also be curious sometimes and wonder “how’d my hair grow if the texture was a bit different?” and sometimes the result might be extremely rewarding. There are multiple stretching techniques that might help you find an answer to that question. You might never know what really suits you if you never try. But before that,

Is shrinkage bad?

Is shrinkage bad

It is important to know about the enemy before you get into a war. Shrinkage is the gradual decrease in the length of your hair strands as your hair dries up, it is a sign of thriving hair. Elasticity is an attribute of healthy and hydrated hair, it helps your hair bounce back to its original texture, helps withstand stress and preserves your curl pattern. It is a result of a strong hair care routine. Even though it can be inconvenient when you want to flaunt your hair’s length, shrinkage is a sign of well-nourished hair.

But don’t worry, the best part is that you can elongate the length of curls and get past shrinkage without any permanent damage to the curl pattern by using the following methods.

Techniques to stretch natural curly hair

Here are some techniques that you may employ to stretch your natural curls without any heat!

1. Combing


It is the easiest and most cost-effective way to stretch out your curls. You can either use a hairbrush or simply your fingers to comb through your hair. The more you comb your hair, the more you can stretch it. This method is effective when used on dry hair but what is to be kept in mind is that it will cause some evident frizz.

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2. The pineapple

The pineapple

No, not the fruit! The pineapple is a hairstyle that works double duty by helping you preserve your natural curls as well as stretch out your hair for a bit of length. You can use a leave-in conditioner to hydrate the stretching strands and help retain the stretch. All that you need to do is put your hair in a high pony. The longer you leave, the more stretched out your hair will be, you can decide on the time depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

3. Try the Ballerina Bun

Try the Ballerina Bun

One might wonder how that simple yet classy hairstyle will help you lengthen your curls, but this is one of the best ways to achieve elongation. The key to succeed in this technique is to work on damp hair. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo like Curlvana Curl Cleanse Shampoo, use a moisturizing conditioner, and comb through your hair to remove any knots. Put your hair in a ponytail, secure it with a hair tie and twist your hair till the ends. Now wrap these twisted strands around the base of the pony to make a bun. Use bobby pins to keep it in place. You can cover your hair with a silk/satin scarf and leave it overnight to wake up with beautifully stretched curls.

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4. Braiding or Twisting

Braiding or Twisting

Aftering shampooing, divide your hair into medium-sized sections and twist or braid the sections till the very end. You can either leave it as it is or can pull it up into a bun. Once your hair is dry remove the braids and moisturize the lengths by using a hydrating leave-in cream. Yes, it's as simple as that!

5. The Bantu knots

The Bantu knots

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These are the most popular styles that can be used to stretch the natural curls while protecting them from damage. By doing this right you may enjoy broad curls and defined waves. Start by washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. After that, part your damp hair into multiple small sections and twist it from roots to ends. Form tiny buns by twisting each section around itself in the base and secure it with a hair tie. You can experience stretched-out tresses once you remove the twists.

Natural curls

We hope that these elongation techniques help you show off your healthy, shiny and lengthy curls. The underlying factor to keep in mind is to maintain healthy hair by following a proper routine. Never risk dehydrating your hair by using heating tools, which may end up damaging your natural curls.

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