Curls Last Longer

Here’s How To Make Your Curls Last Longer!

Isn't it super frustrating when you spend so much time and energy styling your curls and within five minutes, it just drops and your hair looks flat? Don’t worry we are here for your rescue. A combination of wash and style methods is the key to well-defined curls that last for a long time. You may achieve the curls of your dreams in a few easy steps with the right understanding of your hair.

Elasticity and Porosity

Does your hair return back to its original shape after you stretch it? This property of your hair is called its elasticity. The ability of your hair to return back to its original shape is decided by the amount of protein present in the shaft of your hair. If your hair has optimum elasticity it can swiftly regain its original shape after being stretched. If not, you may focus on hydrating and strengthening your hair. This can be achieved by using the right conditioner for your hair and following a solid haircare routine.

The ability of your hair to hold in moisture is termed porosity. The cuticle is the outermost layer of a strand of hair. The porous structure of the cuticle plays a decisive role in how much moisture your hair is capable of holding in. This absorbed moisture helps in hydrating the roots of your hair. If the porosity of the hair is low, it may be a hindrance in moisture absorption and can also restrict the engagement of hair care products. Hair with high porosity has a better ability to lock in moisture and absorbs the products well which in turn makes it more repellent towards damage, heat and pollution.

Here’re 5 Tips to make sure your curls last longer!

Now that we are aware of the factors like elasticity and porosity, let's look at the ways you can play with them to make those precious curls last longer.

1. Wash curls the right way!

Wash curls the right way!

The shower is where the perfect curl begins. Using a mild hydrating shampoo or co-washing every fifth day will help keep your curls intact! You may try using the Curlvana fortifying curl cleanse shampoo, which gently cleanses your hair without drying out the tresses. Additionally, it enriches the hair with proteins and prevents breakage. In case you have curly or coily hair it would be better to wash your hair just with a conditioner once a week and you can refresh them when need be.

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2. Condition and hydrate well

Condition and hydrate well

Apply the conditioner uniformly over the length of your wet hair. Let the product stay for a few minutes to ensure thorough moisturization. How you wash off the conditioner is something to pay attention to. Using warm or cold water to wash out the conditioner will work well for wavy hair, washing upside down will give your hair more volume. For curly and coily hair, make sure to rinse the product gently as it won't harm leaving some products on your strands for extra hydration. 

3. Revamp styling methods

Revamp styling methods

Use a microfiber towel to remove excess moisture after shampooing, employing the plopping technique will be more effective. To preserve your natural curl pattern, do not brush or wriggle your curls. As a last step of styling, you may use your favourite leave-in cream and styling gel to set your hair and leave it to air dry or use a diffuser set in low heat.

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4. Deep condition curls

Deep condition curls

Dehydration not only leaves your curls undernourished but also muddles with the definition of your curls. A good way to revitalize your dry hair is through a deep conditioning treatment, this can help you moisturize your hair shaft as well as quench the thirsty curls. You can use a heavy conditioner or a hydrating hair mask after shampooing, wait for half an hour and style as usual. Using a heat cap or hot towel will help in opening the cuticles and allows the moisture to penetrate deeply.

5. Protect the curls!

Protect the curls

When resting, exercising, or moving around, protect your priceless curls to maintain them at their best. When sleeping, use satin, silk pillowcases or bonnets. You can wrap your curls with a satin scarf and tie them up in a pineapple while travelling to prevent sweat and moisture from frizzing up your styled curls. Your curls will remain bouncy for a longer time with proper post-washday care.

If your curls still refuse to stay intact, it’s possible that your curls have undergone severe damage. Hair that is dry, damaged, or brittle won't have enough moisture to hold curls. Frequent haircuts, proper hair care routine and deep conditioning treatments will help you recover from the damage. Hair masks can be a great way to improve the strength of your hair as it nourishes and moisturizes them.

If you've been doing something wrong with your curls, now you know what needs to be changed! With these tips, you will surely be able to attain luscious curls that last longer than ever.

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