Is Your Wash Day Routine For Curls Too Long? Here's What You Need To Do

Is Your Wash Day Routine For Curls Too Long? Here's What You Need To Do

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All the curlies might be aware of the fact that a curly hair routine can be exhausting. Almost every natural is petrified by the thought of washing your curls because it takes so long to cleanse, condition, hydrate, and style natural hair! A typical day of washing can easily consume the entire afternoon of your weekend.

The truth is, curly hair care doesn't have to take up the entire weekend. Following certain methods and tricks can help you wash your curls more efficiently and effectively. Many hair stylists believe your wash shouldn't take more than 90 minutes. It's the right time to free ourselves from the chains of hectic curly hair routines and take back our time. Following the right procedure and using the right curly hair products and tools, you can get back your structured and defined curls without too much effort.

Basic Steps Of A Typical Wash Day Routine For Curly Hair

But before you shorten your wash day routine, you need to have a general idea of the steps involved in a typical curly hair routine.

According to experts, the following are the basic steps involved in the curly hair care routine:

  • Cleansing: Cleansing your hair and scalp with a sulfate-free shampoo or a cleansing conditioner to eliminate dirt, debris, dead skin cells, and product build-up.
  • Conditioning: Conditioning is a vital step in any hair care routine. Its main aim is to restore the moisture lost during shampooing. Conditioner keeps your hair soft, smooth, and bouncy, eliminating tangles and frizz.
  • Styling: The main idea of styling is to lock the moisture in the hair shaft, improve the texture of your curls, giving structure and definition to your curls.

These are the most important steps involved in the curly hair routine. Follow these steps to maintain long, luscious curls.

You can Invest in Curlvana Curl Wash and Style Essential Kit. It contains Shampoo, Conditioner and leave-in-cream for voluminous, bouncy, smooth, and hydrated, revealing their natural shine.

How To Cut Short Wash Day Routine For Curly Hair?

How To Cut Short Wash Day Routine For Curly Hair

Once you've established the basic washing requirements, there are four methods to reduce the time spent washing the day. Not only do you make the most of the time you spend, but you also ensure that your curls are well-hydrated and well-conditioned.

1. Use A Hydrating Shampoo

It is a good idea to detangle your hair before washing your curls. It can prove to be a fantastic option to save shower time; however, detangling before shampooing is not always possible. So, what's the next option? Try Curlvana Fortifying Curl Cleanse Shampoo augmented with hydrating ingredients, which can make your curls soft, smooth and more manageable!

Detangling becomes easier with shampoos that contain soft, abrasion-reducing ingredients. Make sure the hair is damp before applying the shampoo and massage it in sections. While massaging the shampoo, it lathers and then detangles your hair, working from the ends to the root.

Ensure your hair is moist enough to help the shampoo move around and detangle it downwards in the direction your hair is naturally falling. Make sure to massage the shampoo on your scalp.

2. Use An Intense Moisturizer Or A Deep-Conditioner

Emollients in conditioners soften curls and smooth cuticles, preparing them for styling the curls.

Deep conditioners have the same moisturizing ingredients and high-penetrative components that increase their efficacy, giving your curls intense hydration. Apply an intense moisturizer after shampooing your hair when you are short of time. The deep conditioner will glide through your curls more easily if you apply it on damp hair. Cover your head with a shower cap and let it rest for 8-10 minutes. The heat generated during this process facilitates better product penetration into your curls. Wash it with water to reduce frizz.

A shampoo cleanses your scalp and hair to eliminate build-up, while a conditioner locks the moisture in your strands, making your curls super soft. Don’t forget to use a Curlvana Curl Shine Gentle Conditioner after washing your curls.

3. Moisturize and Style Your Curls In Shower OR The LOC Method

Keeping your curls moisturized is crucial for providing structure and definition to your curls. Moisturizing and styling your curls in the shower is the ultimate hack for keeping your textured hair in shape, especially when you want to cut your wash day routine short.

The LOC method consists of leave-in conditioners, oils, and cream steps designed to moisturize hair and seal the moisture in the hair shaft to avoid damage. Dry, frizzy, curly hair is fragile and prone to breakage. The LOC method is a fantastic method of giving your hair a boost and helps seal in moisture and keep damaged hair at bay. The LOC procedure begins with the application of the leave-in conditioner. The conditioner provides the coils with moisture. This moisture is in a subsequent step with the help of oil and cream.

Apply conditioner generously to damp hair, concentrating on the ends. Seal the moisture inside the hair shaft with a Curlvana Curl-Defining Styling Gel, Curlvana Curl Styling Leave-In-cream or mousse. Natural oil helps to lock the moisture in the hair shaft but ensure that you wash away the oil as it forms a thin film over the hair.

Using the right curly hair products and following the correct procedure can effectively cut short the time spent on your wash day routine. With a detangling shampoo, deep conditioning and styling your hair in the shower, the entire washing process will take around 90 minutes instead of a whole day. Use the hacks above to cut down on time spent in the shower and give more time to your beautiful hair.

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