Plop Your Curly Hair

A Guide On How To Plop Your Curly Hair

Plopping? yeah, we know it sounds funny, looks funnier but is one of the best ways to dry your hair. It's far better than air drying or diffusing your hair as it not only enhances and preserves wet curls but also minimizes frizz and any fly aways. It's the straight hair equivalent of twisting your hair in a towel. Now before we discuss more about plopping, let's pose this question for you- why don't we simply twist our hair in a towel without discriminating against curly/wavy/coily hair types?

curly/wavy/coily hair types

It's easy, because twisting your hair would only result in elongating the hair strands which would cause them to get damaged easily or make them frizzier and more prone to breakage. Plopping uses a cotton pillowcase, a used t-shirt or microfiber towel to keep the curls intact and well defined while removing any excess water too.

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Bonus tip:

It's also a great way to get all that soapy water off your neck while you're getting dressed or simply roaming around the house.

Now you can use a large, XL, XXL t-shirt for plopping your hair. It's usually recommended to use it after product application but if your hair falls on the finer side of the spectrum then you can plop your hair before that as well. You can leave it for an hour or two or even overnight depending on the time availability and convenience of yourself.

Here's How To Plop Your Curls!

alcohol free and sulphate free formulas

Step 1

Thoroughly wash and condition your hair well to get it ready for plopping. Make sure to use alcohol free and sulphate free formulas for optimal results for we don't want your hair to start acting up or get damaged right?

Step 2

Keep your hands away from your curls, because we don't want to ruin its shape or size and keep it beautifully intact. Instead, just shake your head from side to side to get rid of any excess water that may be resting at the top of your head.

Step 3

Get your styling gel or cream that you regularly use. Grab it and thoroughly rake them over the curls, dispersing it evenly. Scrunch up the ends of your hair to squeeze away all the extra water. Next repeat this process with all your hair care products till you've completely exhausted your stash of them.

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Step 4

Now this is where the plopping effect comes in. Place your microfiber towel or t-shirt whatever you're planning on using on your bed. Flip your hair upside down, then pull the t-shirt over the nape of your neck, crisscross it gently, make sure you don't break any hair strands in this process and finally flip back up. Lastly, secure this badly tied turban by knotting the sleeves and there you're done.

Bonus tip: 

Use a t- shirt with giant sleeves, it will make it easier to wrap around the forehead. We mostly prefer our partners, brothers, or fathers' t-shirts for the same, because we get the most consistent results from it. Decide for yourself which one you'd like and if your hands are itching simply buy the largest men's T-shirt and you're done.

Keep it like that for about a half an hour, an hour or just 20 minutes, whatever you prefer. However, it again depends on you and what works best for your hair. We want it to come out all nice and bouncy, not flat and smashed. So do whatever your gut feeling, previous hair experiences, hair type, length, porosity, among many things, tell you. Just make sure to use this as a mere guide in your long and wonderful hair care journey.

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