Viral Bowl Method For Curly Hair

The Viral Bowl Method For Curly Hair: What, How & Why?

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If you've curly/coily/wavy hair which is just a nicer name for untamed and difficult to manage hair, a constant power struggle between you and your hair takes place almost every day! We're pretty sure you most definitely did and will continue to try different ranges of products, techniques and styling methods that promise even a ray of hope, right? Well same, we would do precisely that. And if you've internet then you must have come across TikTok's viral bowl method for taming curly hair.

Taming Curly Hair

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People have been going crazy, completely losing their shit on this new age, TikTok served bowl method which promises frizz free, shiny and bouncy curls. Now this definitely piqued our interest since the internet community is totally divided over it, some say it's changed their lives and it was the technique that they were searching for all their life while others say that it either had short term results or no results at all. The question arises, who do we trust? What incentive do we've to trust either of these sides and do they've any evidence to support their hypothesis?

Well, putting a break to your relentless questions, our team has researched and found out that most people who were claiming to have no results or just short term effects, had one thing in common- they had straight hair. While the people who hyped this method up and couldn't stop talking about it were the ones who all had hair starting from type 2c ie, covering the curly hair spectrum from wavy to curly and coily.

The viral bowl method essentially is a way to extra moisturize your hair by dipping it in water and scrunching it up.

Why does the bowl method work for curls?

Curls can get more defined

Unfortunately, there's no substantial information provided by the scientific community to corroborate why and how viral bowl method works but there have been a lot of guesses. A common perception of hair experts, hair stylists and general hair care enthusiasts is that this process keeps the hair wet throughout the process which ensures that the hair is getting enough hydration and the curls can get more defined. Moreover, the bowl method also dilutes the products so it evenly distributes to each and every nook and corner of your hair shaft. This seals in moisture and gives that extra oomph to your hair giving it a shiny, smooth look.

How to do the bowl method with curly hair?

Step 1

Find a large enough bowl to not only contain all your hair but also be able to adjust it in case your hair fluffs or expands, fill it up with water. This might be an issue but we believe in you!

Step 2

Now slather your hair with leave-in conditioners or curl cream. Make sure to generously use it and rake it well through your hair.

Step 3

Now dip your hair back and forth into the bowl while scrunching your hair to form. curl clumps, either with your hands or a cotton t-shirt.

Step 4

Repeat this process with all the hair strands, baby hair, and flyaways till it has covered your entire head. Now leave your hair for air drying and check in about 2.5 hours.

This takes upto 10-15 minutes from start to finish depending on your hair porosity, length and type. It's definitely a time consuming process but according to the majority of people in the TikTok comment section, it's definitely worth it.

Hair porosity

It's hands down one of the most controversial methods introduced in the world of hair this year, so please try it out and let us know your verdict. The trick is to not lose your patience and get frustrated. You'll be fine and your curls will look even better, well defined, moisturized and lustrous than before.

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