Squish To Condish Method

Squish to Condish Method for Curly Hair: Benefits & More!

Well, hello, all you curlies there! Recently a new conditioning method has been taking the world by storm, it's the new buzz word everywhere you look whether in online communities like r/curlies or in fancy salons IRL, people can't stop talking about the efficacy of it and how it has literally changed the course of the hair industry. You would have to be living under a rock to not hear about the absolutely splendid "squish to condish" method developed by none other than Melissa Stites. You might think we're either over exaggerating or we’re simply stupid enough till now to not know how to condition our hair. However, before you jump to any conclusions about the pitiful state of our mind, let us prove you wrong.

We can bet anything that you guys were used to only applying a tiny blob of conditioner and rinsing it out almost immediately in the name of a full functioning conditioning routine, wait um does 70 second count as an immediate action? Yes, well, sorry to break it to you, in a strictly human confined world 70 seconds is nothing but a tiny dot on the fabric of time. Not to make you feel bad but we were in the same boat as you until this bad boy came in. With squish to condish routine, the moisture levels of your hair skyrocket, improving the definition and it stomps down on frizz and flyaways.

Now that we've hyped it up this much, let us formally introduce what this magic method actually is,

What is squish to condish?

Curly Hair

It's a conditioning technique that facilitates absorption of water into the hair cuticles so that they stay properly hydrated and moisturized. When you simply take a handful of conditioner into your damp hair and rinse it immediately, which is the usual way to go about, the water just stays on the top surface without being completely washed away and doesn't enter the cuticles at all.
Now this is where squish to condish comes into play, by squishing, literally, you'll hear those weird sounds as if you're walking on a sticky muddy surface, you practically force water into your hair cuticles.

Now that we've familiarized you with this supposedly unusual but really effective technique, let's get into details.

Follow these steps for gently squishing and conditioning your hair!

Step 1

After thoroughly cleansing your hair with a sulphate free shampoo because we love our hair, take an enormous blob (like way too much of what you'll usually use) of conditioner on your palms.

Step 2

Rake, smush and squish the conditioner through your hair especially on the ends, until it's completely saturated and has a visibly thick coating of conditioner. A good rule of thumb is to see if your hair feels all slippery like a seaweed, if it doesn't go get yourself some more conditioner and rake it till it does.

Step 3

Use your fingers to now detangle your hair and feel that seaweed texture.

Step 4

Now flip your hair upside down, here's where we'll actually use Melissa's brainchild, squish to condish. Just make sure that you're not anywhere near water because we want to have your conditioned seaweed hair intact for this to work in our favour.

Step 5

Now collect a palmful of water and squish it in your hair till you hear some squelching sounds. The key to this method is water. The ideal blend of water and conditioner when squished all the way into your hair will hydrate the hair shaft and seal the moisture.

Hydrated hair is healthy hair and healthy hair means increased elasticity and bouncy curls.

Step 6

Just repeat this process by cupping water and squishing it into your hair section by section until eventually, all your hair is rinsed out.

After this you can continue with your regular styling regimen or post hair care ritual, but either way this is going to be a pleasant surprise for your hair and would give you beautiful, big, fluffy curls.

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