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Enhance Curl Definition Using Finger Coiling Method

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Finger coiling has been around for quite some time and thus, has been tried and tested by many, gone under numerous tribulations and emerged victorious. This method is one of the easiest and most fun styling ways to spice up your regular hair care routine, get your original shape and texture of the curls back especially after some hard styling methods. If you wanna know more on how to do this to achieve your dream big, bouncy and soft curls, keep reading.

What exactly are finger coils?

Simply curls made by twisting

Finger coils are simply curls made by twisting and twirling small chunks of hair around your finger to give it that bouncy shape. If done carefully and correctly, it can last upto 2 weeks, not bad, right?

So, let us show you how to achieve the perfect finger curls look.

How to do finger coils?

These are the materials needed:

  • Hair clips
  • Hair spray
  • Wide toothed comb
  • Curl enhancing cream
  • Water stored in a spray bottle
  • Rat tail comb

Now to make it even easier for you, here's a step-by-step guide for achieving finger curls that last up to 2 weeks and more.

Step 1

Prep your hair by applying sulphate free and alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner to lock in moisture.

Pro tip: On busy days, to cleanse your hair, you can just dampen it with a generous amount of water but make it sure it's not dripping wet.

Step 2

Apply a chemical free leave-in conditioner which will further smoothen, nourish and detangle your hair. Apply it on slightly damp hair to get the optimal results.

Step 3

Comb the hair to further remove any knots. Use a wide toothed comb to remove any tangles, clumps, knots or anything that might cause your hair to get all frizzy and crazy.

Step 4

Section your hair. Now the real work begins, section your hair using a rat-tailed comb and clip the section that you're not going to use right away. You can do a top/bottom or a simple side to side section, whichever you prefer. Now take one section and sub divide it into further mini sections depending on the length and thickness of your desired curls.

Step 5

Now apply a curl enhancing cream or styling gel or setting lotion to each section of the hair and comb it well to ensure equal dispersion of it across your hair. Make sure that you emulsify it from the root to top for best results.

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Step 6

This step is to create finger coils. Starting from the far back take each section of hair and twist it around your fingers from root to top to give it a coil like effect. The spiral twists with the help of a curl enhancing cream will provide well defined curls ready to take on the world. Repeat this process till you cover all your hair.

Pro Tip: Alternate the twirling direction to give your curls a more natural look.

Step 7

The last step is to get a book or put on your favorite show or even do your office work, whichever you think. Just let your hair air dry, depending upon the texture and length of your hair it may take a while for it to completely dry, but we promise you, it will be all worth it.

Pro Tip: Do not repeat, do not shampoo your hair during this time otherwise you will lose those precious finger curls. If you want to cleanse your hair, simply keep a stash of dry shampoo like a bunch of lazy people.

How to sleep with finger coils?

Now it gets a little tricky to sleep with finger coils because you don't wanna completely mess it up, right? So, we recommend using carrier oils like jojoba, coconut, olive to keep the coils tight and smooth throughout your nap time. They will moisturize the hair well and provide added shine to it as well. You can even use satin bonnets or silk head wraps to keep your precious finger curls from getting ruined.

With this, we're done disseminating our finger curl knowledge to you. You're all ready to rock those beautiful, fluffy curls and take on the world. Just a side note, if you want to remove those finger curls then simply use a butter and comb your hair gently to detangle your hair. However, we doubt you'd want to get rid of those finger coils after seeing how truly captivating and voluminous they are.

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