Summer Curls

Tips To Get Your Curls Summer Ready

Winter months are over and it’s time to embrace the warmth of the sun. It's time to start thinking about how to get your curls ready for the season. Whether you have natural curls or love to rock a curly hairstyle, the heat and humidity can present some challenges. Fret not, because with the right curly hair products and haircare techniques, you can have well-defined, frizz-free ringlets throughout this summer. From choosing the right haircare products to mastering the art of air drying, we have got you covered with some effective tips and tricks to make your curls look their best this summer.

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Pro Tips To Get Your Curls Summer Ready

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The hot-humid climate, exposure to UV rays and chlorine water of the swimming pools can take a toll on your curls, making them look dry, dull and frizzy. You can flaunt your luscious, bouncy curls this summer with the right game plan.

1. Get Rid Of All The Buildup

Kickstart your summer curl care routine with Curlvana Fortifying Curl Cleanse to remove all the impurities and product buildup on your scalp and curls. This can be your first step towards healthy, gorgeous curls.

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2. Moisturize Your Curls

Curls are prone to dryness because of their coily structure. On top of that, extreme climatic conditions can affect your curl health. Tame your frizzy curls with a dose of hydration. Apply ThriveCo Leave-in Cream on your tresses, starting from the mid-length towards the end, focusing on the tips as the tip of your hair is more prone to dryness and damage.


3. Switch Your Haircare Products

Switching your haircare products in summer is essential to address the unique curl concerns that spring up with the change in the climate. In summer, your thirsty curls need hydration. Instead of applying heavy cream-based moisturizers, switch to a lightweight, hydrating products such as Curlvana Curl Care range that locks in the moisture, prevents frizz and dryness. Look for ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, and argan oil in your curly hair products, as these ingredients can effectively deal with your frizzy curls without weighing them down.

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4. Shampoo Less Frequently

Shampooing frequently can rob your curls of their natural oils, making your hair prone to frizz. But again, if you're using Curlvana Fortifying Curl Cleanse, you can use it regularly, without any worry.

You can choose to skip the shampoo and co-wash your curls with the
Curl Shine Gentle Conditioner from Curlvana to drive away frizz, give definition to curls, making them look soft and bouncy.

5. Sun Protect Your Curls

Just like your skin, the hair also needs sun protection. Use haircare products that shield your curls from the harmful sun rays while going out in the sun. Exposure to sun rays can damage your curls, making them dry and frizzy. Using a hair spray or a hair mist with a UV filter before going out in the sun helps to preserve the natural colour, texture and appearance of your dry curly hair.

6. Air Dry Your Curls

Experts advise against blow drying your curls, especially in summer when your curls are already dehydrated. Thanks to the hot-humid climate! Air drying your curls helps preserve the natural structure of the curls and prevents them from breaking off and over-drying. Keep your styling tools away and rock more natural, carefree hairstyles this summer.

7. Keep Your Body Hydrated

To maintain long, luscious curls, you need to offer hydration from outside and from within too. Drink 10-12 litres of water to keep your body hydrated. A healthy body grows hydrated and well-nourished curls. Include lots of fresh fruits, juices, and veggies in your diet. Keep your body hydrated and cool during summer; it will automatically reflect on your skin and hair.

8. Treat Your Curls Gently

Curls and combs don't go hand-in-hand. Brushing your curls can damage the structure of your curls, resulting in hair breakage. Apply Curlvana Leave-in Conditioner and gently detangle your curls using your fingertips. Use a wide-toothed comb, and work at the ends, making your way towards the roots. Remember, you have to be very patient with your curls, or you may end up damaging your curls.

9. Trim The Ends Regularly

The tip of your hair is prone to dryness as the natural oils from the scalp find it hard to make their way to the tip of the curls. Regular trims add life, structure, volume and bounce to your kinky curls.

10. Enhance Curl Structure With Cool Hair Styles

Embrace your curly hair by indulging in some cool summer-inspired hairstyles. Try out messy buns, ponytails, twists, and twirls for trendy, chic looks. The best part is that these hairstyles are hassle-free and help enhance the structure and definition of your curls. Use Curlvana Curl-Defining Styling Gel before styling your hair to get phenomenally defined ringlets you have longed for.

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Get trendy and bring out the best of your curls this summer. You can easily transform your frizzy, dry curly hair into luscious, voluminous and bouncy ringlets with proper hair care and styling techniques.




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