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5 Ingredients Curlies Absolutely Love! Hair Care Suggestions At Its Very Best

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All my beautiful curlies assemble here, 'cause we have finally, *drum rolls* found 5 ingredients which will not only work wonders when it comes to your hair care, but you’ll also be left absolutely flabbergasted and elated but also would positively be dying to try more of such ingredients, or as we like to call, our very own nature induced magic potions!

We know, cry our eyes out and relate to all your gruesome and relentless struggles of constantly trying to find the right products for your hair type but let's face it, mostly to no avail. Yeah, been there, done that and felt the mortifying pain. Regardless of those countless hair faux pas and blunders, we're finally here for your rescue, your knight (s) with shining, incredible curls.

Here's a list of some of our tried, tested and absolutely loved ingredients which are sure to bring out that extra oomph both in your hair and in your life:

  1. Argan Oil- Let's put our science hat on, shall we? Due to the spiraled and coiled structure of the hair, light refracts less than it does in straight hair which precisely means that curly hair has a natural tendency to look dry, dull and undernourished. To improve hair quality, argan oil helps to seal the moisture thereby, making the hair glossier, preventing split ends and retaining all the natural strength of it. It also has vitamin E which acts as a brownie point.
  2. Murumuru Butter- This is a key ingredient used in many products for its sheer quality of hydrating brittle (hair thinning) and damaged hair, adding shine and softening those otherwise stubborn dry strands. It's extracted from the seeds of palm trees making it easily available too. So the next time you're standing in the hair aisle, confused about on what to splurge, just look for hair masks and gels which have murumuru butter in them and you're all set!
  3. Marshmallow Root- It reminds us of the sweet white, fluffy treats that we used to receive back in our childhood right? Well much like how back in the days it would provide us with comfort and make us happy, Althea Officinalis or marshmallow root is a polycrest herb which has innumerable qualities. It helps in relieving a dry scalp, conditioning dull and damaged hair, preventing breakage, nourishing and detangling the knots in your hair. In short, it's an ingredient to literally swear by.
  4. Silk Amino Acids- To understand this better, let's go and knock some science into our beehive-d heads. Hair constitutes two major components- protein bonds and sulphur bonds. When it comes to hair care, Sulphur provides basic structure to your hair while proteins are primarily responsible for adding strength and sturdiness to it. Silk proteins derived from silk amino acids have small molecular structure which allows them to penetrate easily through the hair strands, not cause any build up and rebuild extremely damaged hair when used on a long-term basis.
  5. Magnesium Sulphate- Now when we talk about sulphur bonds, they're extremely important for a healthy and nourished hair growth since it makes up more than 30% of your hair. Moreover, it's almost impossible to even build the hair back with moisture and water soluble liquids alone. Magnesium sulphate helps build sulphur bonds and facilitate the structural processes. Once sulphate is restored in your hair, it will allow for a larger amount of moisture to be absorbed and retained and a longer and healthier hair growth.

These are some of our suggestions which have been extremely helpful in bringing out our curls on the main stage and giving us all, rightfully so, major hair goals!!

Next time you're buying any products just look for the above ingredients in them and more to give your hair the best crown they can ever wear.

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