5 Ingredients To Avoid If You Have Curly Hair

5 Ingredients To Avoid If You Have Curly Hair!

Hey there curlies, all this while we have been telling you what to do, which products to use and how to use them but this time we'll be telling you what NOT to do and which products to completely stay away from like an ill lab rat.

One thing that's quite noteworthy is the fact that some of the very harmful chemicals such as sulphates aren't wholly dangerous, but if taken in small quantities and in milder forms, it can have amazing effects on curly hair maintenance too. So rather than dismissing ingredients, taking it in moderation for hair care, with a few alterations here and there would prove to be quite useful in the long run. We're here to guide your way through the never-ending maze of ingredients and create something called, "hell hole for curlies" so that you know such ingredients are a complete NO NO.

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1. Sulphates

In an article about ingredients not to choose, sulphate has to make the cut, am I right? These are found in shampoos and are precisely what causes the lather and foam we expect when washing the hair. They are the surfactants which break down the oil, dust particles and other impurities on the scalp. The primary problem with surfactants is however, that they leave the scalp feeling quite dry, which makes it a complete waste when it comes to curly hair since it already is prone to dealing with dry, brittle hair. Regards, using softer surfactants in appropriate quantities is an absolute game changer for hair care and it can leave your hair completely moisturized, shiny and bouncy.

2. Fragrance

We generally tend to buy products with great scents and fragrances right but talk to any health expert and they'll advise you to stay away from them as much as possible. The reason being quite simple, in hair products it's not clearly mentioned the source of the fragrance, or the ingredients used or even in what quantities which makes it quite a risky endeavor. Picking out the wrong smell especially for your delicate curls can cause a number of health hazards from allergies, skin infections to respiratory problems, gow knows how many. Therefore, we'd suggest you go for products where fragrance is located somewhere around last on the list or consult with a professional before switching up your products.

3. Silicone

Silicones are usually found in most of the moisturizers considering they're the primary agents to add hydration, lustre and slip to the hair. They help the hair from detangling and pull away any and all knots there. Now, what really happens is that they add a thin layer or wall between your hair and the external environment and since they're water insoluble, it's quite difficult to remove the layer. Overtime, because of the product build up, it just gets tougher and tougher to get rid of, weighs down the hair and might become very damaging too.

4. Alcohol

Let's establish some ground work, shall we? So there are two kinds of alcohol- fatty alcohols and drying alcohols. Fatty alcohols are good for your hair in terms of moisturizing it, keeping it soft and maintaining the shine and lustre. On the other hand, dry alcohols like ethanol, isopropanol among many others, have a high tendency to irritate the scalp and make the hair strands dry, brittle and dull. So, just make sure that you're consuming the right kind of alcohol both for yourself and your hair maintenance journey.

5. Formaldehyde

Last but not the least, we have formaldehyde. Some would even argue that it's quite fatal of all the other ingredients listed here. Formaldehyde is a cheap preservative used in hair care products, acts as a cancer cell carrying agent and from causing eye infection to massive heart palpitations, it's got all the red flags of any hair care product. Needless to say, you shouldn't use any products containing even an ounce of this chemical unless well you're paralyzed or in a coma.

Here was our list of some not so popular choices of ingredients when it comes to hair products, we hope that the next time you're shopping out, you're more informed about which products to buy and which one to leave on the aisle itself.

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