Traveling With Curly Hair

5 Tips For Travelling With Curly Hair

It is no news that maintaining curly hair is no cake walk. You may feel like crying your heart out when it comes to taming your dry, frizzy and unruly long curly hair. This can be a daunting task especially while on the road. Fitting all your curly haircare products along with clothes and other travel essentials in your travel bag can be exhausting. On top of that extreme climatic conditions, pollution, exposure to harmful sun rays can make it difficult to maintain healthy curls while travelling. No more worries as we will be sharing some amazing curly hair tips to keep your curls gorgeous while travelling.

Top Tips For Travelling With Curly Hair

Curly Hair

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Many people assume that short curly hair requires less maintenance, but the fact is even short curly hair tends to become unmanageable and puffy at times. You should know the right technique to deal with puffy short curly hair. Following a tailored curly hair routine can make your curls look healthy and well-maintained. You may want to flaunt a head full of happy curls in your vacation photos, and you surely can but with a little bit of planning. You should plan ahead what all haircare products you need to take along with you while travelling. We'll make this job easier for you.

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1.  Conditioner To Restore Moisture Balance


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Your long curly hair is prone to dryness while travelling. It is essential to keep curly hair hydrated to ensure optimal health. A deep conditioner can be your curly hair’s BFF while on road. The arid wind outside can rob your curls of its moisture, making them frizzy, rough and dry. Applying ThriveCo Hair Healing Conditioner will help restore the moisture balance of your curly hair.

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2. Diffuser For Voluminous Curls 


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A diffuser is an essential item in your haircare arsenal. If you are a curly haired girl, then you cannot afford to miss on diffuser. Diffuser can help create voluminous curls and are great for holding your curls in place.

3. Satin Scarf To Protect Your Curls From Sun Rays

Satin Scarf

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You can use hair accessories such as a scarf, to style and protect your curls from the harsh climate and sun rays. Tie a satin scarf around your head or shield your head with a scarf to protect your curls from becoming dry, rough and frizzy. It also helps to keep your hair well-kept and healthy.

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4. Styling Gel To Define Curls

Curl Defining Cream

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Use Curlvana Curl-Defining Styling Gel to provide structure and definition to your curls. It helps preserve the natural texture of your curls and keeps the curls in place without weighing it down. Besides keeping your curls intact, the curl defining Gel improves the texture and appearance of your curls.

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5. A Must-Have Wide Toothed Comb To Detangle With Care 

Wide Toothed Comb

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While traveling your curls, especially short curly hair tends to get frizzy and tangled. A wide-toothed comb preferably made of bamboo can help detangle your curl gently, without causing hair breakage. You can apply a Leave-in Cream to detangle the knots. Using a regular comb to detangle your curls can damage the structure of the curls and cause hair breakage as well. Be gentle towards your curls.

You can also keep a travel kit handy with all your curly haircare products transferred to travel size bottles. These travel size bottles come in handy when you are looking for a quick fix for your curly hair concern. A curl care kit can be a lifesaver for dry, frizzy hair. So now, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for a fun filled, carefree holiday, with no curl worry! 




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