Why Is It Important To Balance Protein And Moisture For Your Curls

Why Is It Important To Balance Protein And Moisture For Your Curls?

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Everyone loves curly hair right? They think it's all stylish and exotic and makes you look like a literal goddess, well they're right but um, lemme ask you this very easy question.

Ever woken up with a lumpy head, with springy curls running astray all over your head? With a head that doesn't feel your own, that when you touch it, it's all coarse and on the verge of breaking? You're simply sitting helplessly in your bed with a handful of those beautiful curls in your hand because you couldn't figure out the right nourishment source for it and now it's started falling apart?

Yeah sounds, like quite a situation you got there buddies, but if you want to avoid going bald and maintain those amazing set of hair on your head then listen to us very carefully. You're going to have to do more than finding out products and eating right, you're going to delve into the science of curly hair, what happens and why it happens so that the next time you're going through a midlife hair crisis, you don't have to run to the extremely expensive hairdresser of yours and can manage it on your own. So, let's get straight into the science of it.

Your hair is made up of two constituents- protein which makes up 80%-90% and the rest 10% moisture. To have perfect, healthy and bouncy curls you need to strike the right balance between moisture and protein.

Coming to hair care, proteins like keratin give the hair molecular structure, shape and strength while moisture on the other hand keeps the hair hydrated and prevents it from turning dull and dry. Look at it from an architectural point of view, proteins act as a building and strengthening block while moisture simply keeps it from getting eroded away. Too much protein can make the hair brittle and more prone to damage while excess moisture might lead to weak, limpy or thin hair.

Now, you need to make sure that your hair is in equilibrium with the protein and moisture ratio to maintain that optimal level of growth. You'll need just enough protein to lock that moisture in your hair but not too much that the hair stretches far too much and for far too long.

Now a simple rule to follow in case of curly hair is that most often than not, your hair is dry and brittle, therefore, it's advised to use a lot of moisture-oriented products in general. However, if you're feeling that your hair is getting too limp and stringy without the bounce, then automatically know that your hair has a protein deficiency. In that case, eat a lot of protein-based foods and get yourself a keratin treatment done if you're more flouncy and flamboyant. A lack of proteins can be a result of excessive heat or water products, color or even chemical formulas and thus, can be solved easily without breaking a sweat.
An easy way to check the condition of your hair is what we like to call it as a "one strand test".

It's very simple, just take a strand of your hair and stretch it, you'll only have three observations-

  1. The strand stretches a little and then bounces back to its original shape then it's completely healthy.
  2. If it barely stretches and snaps then that's the result of a dry scalp and too much protein. We'll advise you to increase the intake of proteins and protein-based products.
  3. If, on the other hand, it keeps on stretching without breaking and your hair feels quite dry then it's moisture time. We'll suggest you to go for good quality leave in conditioners and homemade hydrating hair masks.

So, we hope that you got your hair management answers and you will no longer have to face those dreadful hair fall mornings, because it will get chirpier and happier with soft, shining, bouncy curls effortlessly falling on your shoulders; making you look like the main character in your very own Nancy Meyers film.

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