Why Is Experimenting With Your Curls Important?

Curly hair is definitely a blessing, but we can all agree that it can be a tad bit overwhelming, from researching and experimenting about the right products for your hair to trying out different home remedies or simply moving ahead with the times and switching up accessories, all of it is quite a magnanimous task right?
However, experimenting with different products and finding out which ones are the most suitable for your own hair type is really important and easy too!
Gone are the days when having those big, bouncy curls could only be achieved through fancy, expensive products.

Here we bring you an easy guide that will help you to determine what should be the essentials in your hair care package and how to make the best use out of it.

Find out the purpose of the product

Before impulsively buying anything, find out the actual purpose or use of the product and what role it will play in your hair care journey.

Here, we've put together a brief list of common products and their uses.

  • Clarifying cleanser- removes any kind of dirt and oil build up, is usually used to give the hair a fresh start.
  • Curl friendly cleansers or co wash- this cleanser can be used regularly like once a week for maximum benefit.
  • Conditioner- acts as a detangling tool and moisture boost.
  • Deep conditioning- an intense moisture boost, best if you've an event coming up.
  • Leave in conditioner- it acts as an extra wall of moisture to keep the hair hydrated throughout the day.
  • Curl cream- a combination of both leave in conditioner and gel, thereby allowing it to provide both moisture and some hold.
  • Mousse- helps create volume and hold your curl pattern.

Now that you're well versed in the abc's of curl products, go out there and try whatever you think is the best for you, what your hair needs and which is the closest product that can fulfill that requirement.

Don't forget to read the label

Make it a habit to go through the ingredients, product intent, product usage and any other extra information about the product if you can get any. Try to stick to the very specific instructions provided at the backside of the product. So for instance, if it's mentioned that a product should only be used on wet hair then do NOT use it on damp hair, you may not think it's a big difference but by the end of the process, it will cause product buildup and your hair will start flaking up.

Premix test, don't ruin your hair

Spray on hair

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you're mixing and combining products from different product lines is that you do a premix test to make sure that your hair won't have any sort of adverse reaction of poofing out or suddenly blowing up like a beehive. What you can do is take a lime sized amount of each product on the back of your hand and mix it well. If it mixes smoothly and seamlessly, then you're all set to go. However, if there are any lumps or bubbles formed then you can be sure that the products won't go well together and you've just saved yourself from a total nightmare.

Keep a track of everything

Track and check everything, everywhere. This is your chance to be a complete nerd and keep a track on any kind of weather changes, technique you used to apply the product, a schedule of when you last washed your hair, what products do you frequently use, what is your hair type, what is your texture, information about porosity, etc. Just make sure you've information about all of these things and more so that you can make a detailed decision on when to get special hair treatments and what kind of regular hair care looks like for you.

Experimenting with different products, different product lines and in general with your hair is very important because it allows you to go beyond your limited range and choose products more freely and openly. For all the times when you've felt miserable and overwhelmed by your hair, because of the lack of knowledge of what to do, don't worry we have got your back. We promise by following this simple 4 step guide, your life will become a hell lot easier and better!

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