Curly Hairstyles For Men

Super Cool Curly Hairstyles For Men in 2024

If you have ever wanted those stunning, gel-slapped Jon Snow hair, which stay in place irrespective of the circumstance, whether riding on a dragon or guarding the castle, we've got you all covered. All the curly haired guys, this article is for you, we're gonna give you a collection of some fetch looking curly hairstyles, that are gonna make you look fabulous and hip!

1. Curly Pompadour

Pompadour in itself is a major style statement which was popularized in the 1950s by Presley, but it has made a major comeback in 2022 too. Curls will not only elevate the hairstyle giving it more thickness, texture and volume, but also just amp up the style.

2. Beachy waves

This is the easiest one, not even requiring a lot of care (well as less effort as you can put in taking care of curly hair). We like to call it the Matthew McConaughey cut, where the curls are just pushed back, giving it a very casual beachy look. When the hair is a little damp, just apply some salt spray and leave it to dry. After it's done it will give it a nice tousled texture.

3. Curly mid fade

Curly mid fade is quite obviously the love child of low fade and high fade, framing your face perfectly well and highlighting the facial features. A mid fade is a perfect way to flaunt your natural curls as it tapers between the ear and the temple. It emphasizes your curls and is easy to style, either go with a slick look for formal events or just natural curls for a more casual, laid back approach.

4. Curly Curtains

These are best suited for guys who have a longer face as it really highlights the jaw line well. It's characterised by either a side parting or a middle one, whichever suits your face. It gives a really indie look so if you're into alternative stuff, you should definitely check it out. The long curls frame your face perfectly and gives it a voluminous look.

5. Side swept curls

Honestly, they're one of our favorite haircuts because they're very easy to style. A side parting, with your curls falling on the opposite side, giving it a cute, loose boyish look is what we think you should don for the summers. This Penn Badgley look will definitely drive all the ladies towards you.

6. Windswept curls

As the name suggests, your partner will also be swept with this dreamy, oh-so-charming look. If you've got massive curls and can't decide on the best haircut for you, then this is hands down the perfect haircut for you as it brings out the huge, bouncy curls and adds a bit more texture and volume to the hair.

7. Curly Lob

If you want to look like a 90s inspired rock star, this is the ideal look for you. Taken from the women's version of "the lob", it's been very popular among guys too, provided it can get a little over the top, but hey, we aren't judging you.Hair cuts are all about your self expression, if you feelin it, then go get it. If you wanna be over the top, then this is the go-to look for you, a retro modern crossover.

Curly hair is versatile, textured and full. There are just plenty of ways of wearing it, carrying it and hopefully, we've given you some cool ideas that will suit your own personality as well.

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