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What Are Different Ways Of Parting Curly Hair?

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A flattering parting style can make all the difference between all eyes on you or all whispers about you. It can elevate your look from being ragged to remarkably radiant. Whether it's a party, a casual night out or a lazy, relaxing, unwinding day at home, partings are the undemanding and effortless best friends that all of us need.

Here is a breakdown of some of our most favorite parting hairstyles, and tips and tricks to get them.

Also make sure that before you get started, you have washed and conditioned your hair, so that it's fully moisturized and ready for any styling.

1. Horizontal parting

It's a series of horizontal lines or ladders which is very fun to do and gives your curls the ability to move freely. To obtain this look, part your hair horizontally at the crown section and then continue it moving downward the hair line. Usually, it takes 4-5 partings or lines but then it all comes down to the density of your hair and what kind of look you're really going for. For a more luscious, dense hair style, go for a minimum of 4 ladder lines.

2. Middle parting

This is perhaps the most tried out and universal hair parting because of the ease and flexibility with which it allows the hair to move and be styled. Woke up late but have an important client meeting? Or a glamorous evening ahead to look forward to? A downward middle parting is the way to go! It creates a neat look that is perfect for ponytail or a sleek bun. Also pro tip- a middle part can make your a heart shaped face looker narrower and act as a natural contouring tool, so the next time you want to flex that jawline just join the club guys.

3. Zigzag parting

It is the ideal parting if you're someone who doesn't flip your hair a lot, it not only helps hold your hair in place but also gives you a unique style as well. You can make your zigzag sections thick or thin, as you please, according to the density of your hair too.

4. Deep diagonal part

This is perfect for you if you desperately want a side parting but it doesn't look as flattering on you as you expected it to. Just take a chunk of your hair which starts a little to the side of the centre of your forehead and goes all the way diagonally downward, seperate it and you've got yourself a beautiful diagonal parting. Also if you've got a square shaped face and want to soften some sharp edges then this might just be the solution you have been looking all along for.
Pro tip- if you're confused about which side to go for (left or right) then simply opt for the one where you've stronger or sharper features.

5. No parting

This is the classic effortless, minimalistic no parting look that gives more volume to the hair and lifts it at the root. Just brush your hair back, flip it upside down and scrunch right at the roots. To avoid your hair getting in the face just create little ringlets that can easily just cling to the hair.

These were some of our go to partings which we absolutely loved, tell us which of these worked best for you or is your personal favorite.

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