Curly Hair After A Shower

Style Your Curly Hair After A Shower

For those of us who have curls we know how often they get unpredictable and temperamental right!?

Most often than not we can't exactly count on them to have our back and we have to go the extra mile to make sure it stays, and you slay!!

Despite of using several fancy products, visiting the salon and going that extra mile for curl care, we tend to give up by the end, because sometimes it just seems impossible to maintain healthy curls, right?

So, here's a guide which will help you from choosing the right products, washing your hair correctly, moisturizing and drying them.

Step 1- Pick out the right curly hair products

The first and foremost and perhaps the most important of them all lies in choosing the right products for your curly hair. This precisely depends on the porosity of your curls which means your hair's capacity to absorb and retain moisture from water, oil, butter, hair gels and so on. Low porosity basically means cuticles of your curls are tight and difficult to penetrate in, leading to product build up and weighed down, poofy hair. High porosity would on the other hand, mean that your curly hair cuticles are large which is unfavorable because it not only absorbs moisture but has difficulty retaining it. Hence, take a quick curls porosity test on Google to find about yours and buy products accordingly.

Step 2- In the shower

Make sure to use a sulphate free, alcohol free shampoo to maintain healthy pH levels in your hair. Take a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair in the shower and rinse it properly.

Check out our sulphate-free, glycerine-free shampoo for curly hair. This gentle hair cleanser removes dirt, grease, and buildup without drying out the hair.

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Step 3- Make sure your hair is fairly conditioned and is dripping

So now that you're out of the shower after giving some love and care to your hair, properly conditioning it, make sure it's soaking wet. This is a crucial step as it ensures more moisture all thanks to the open hair follicles. If not, then you can simply use a hairspray bottle and drench your hair to make sure it's the right amount of damp.

Step 4- Make leave in conditioners your absolute best friend, do not be stingy and use a generous amount

Apply a leave-in conditioner or a curl cream to set your curls, give it more definition, shine, softness and bounce. If you've long or thick hair then just separate them into individual tiny sections and apply a little on each of them, starting from front and going all the way back, make sure you don't miss out on any hair section. You can also check out styling gels if you need that extra oomph of moisture.

Step 5- Relax, rake and achieve radiant curls in just a few minutes

Raking involves using your fingers to separate the hair strands and merely acts like a wide tooth comb. So just take the products through your hair to make sure a good enough amount of it is absorbed by your hair. The key is to rake it downward on the side and towards the ceiling on the crown area.

Step 6- Scrunch

This is a stress buster step, you just have to scrunch the crunch. Flip your hair upside down, make a claw-like structure with your hands to hold in as much hair as possible, while cupping yout head at the bottom. Thereafter, scoop your hair towards the crown part of the hair and use your fingers to scrunch. Pro tip- if this is your first time and you don't have any idea if you're scrunching right or not, then just keep a check for a splash, splash, squish, squish. If you don't hear it then go ahead and add some water, improvise and check if things are actually working out for you.

Step 7- Wait and let it air dry

Now take a book or play your favorite playlist because this step is a little time consuming. Wait till your hair gets air dried and avoid using an electronic hair drier and/or diffuser. This is because curls become more defined when left to naturally air dry.

By following these steps you'll fall in love with how easy it's actually to maintain curls while not always being very high maintenance. Here's to an amazing curly hair life ahead!

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