Style Curly Hair In The Morning

How to Style Curly Hair in The Morning?

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Wouldn't it be absolutely lovely to have your curls set for you when you wake up in the morning without actually having to make the effort to do it? Like waking up to all sunshine, unicorns and a natural glam look, straight out of a fantasy? Who doesn't want that right, but it takes a lack of countless hours of sleep, hard work and sometimes even missing breakfast if you're getting late to achieve the perfect without filter/without make-up look.

We have a fairly easy morning routine that will give you the quintessential diva hair plus vibe, just follow these steps below religiously:

1. Allow the hair to flow and settle down

It doesn't matter what product you use to keep all your hair together in one place, whether a pineapple or a satin beret, or maybe just a satin scrunchie bun, it's important to untie the hair and just set it free for a while. Shake it and let it loose for when you're doing your morning ritual or reading a book or even simply having breakfast, leaving it open so that it can breathe, is really necessary.

2. Take a shower cap

Using a shower cap in the bathroom would be an obvious but an especially important step because it not only keeps the hair from getting wet but it also helps to define the curls through steaming. Use either a shower cap or a bonnet to define your curls and give it some moisture after having been trapped in air free tarps of berets.

3. Gel up

Now this step involves firstly examining your hair. You need to check if the hair is mostly alright or most of the hair is disheveled. In the case of the former, it's a much simpler process. Just take water and a few drops of essential oils (peppermint, lavender, rosemary or honestly, whichever suits you) and apply it on your hair. Scrunch it up and make sure it goes to the roots of the hair. Now either let it air dry or just use a hair dryer at last.

Coming to the latter part of the problem, firstly, section your hair into two parts so that it becomes convenient for you to deal with it. Dampen one section with water, brush it out and untangle it, apply a hair smoothie (depending on what kind of hairstyle if you feel like doing that day), with this being done it's easier to form well defined and structured curls, after this simply put a curly hair styling gel and let it dry.

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4. Lubes to the rescue (optional)

If your hair isn't so far responding and cooperating, you can even use lubes in order to refresh and rejuvenate it. Try using organic ones as it doesn't necessarily cause harm to the person but if you've frizzy hair then we strictly suggest you to avoid substances containing glycerine.

Curls can be like a couple of moody teenagers, despite the effort and time invested, you're never too sure of how they will turn out. However, if you follow these hacks and cheat tips right, we're pretty sure the teenagers will turn out just alright like shiny little things, holding your head high. As the greats say, an ideal hair ritual should contain perfect ratios of perspiration, aspiration and inspiration, you just need to keep experimenting and following our tips to know "your" perfect ritual option.

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