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7 Ideas to Style Your Short Curly Hair in 2024!

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Hairstyling can be quite a tiresome task, especially if you've got big, bouncy curls you can't seem to handle. Whether you've got an early office presentation or a photoshoot, or even an important exam, we've got all kinds of hairstyles for you from braids, updos to even open hair. For it's very important to look the best on important days and even on unimportant days, you have to make them count somehow right?

Here's a list of some of our best handpicked hair styles for you, hope you like them!

1. An elegant, messy updo

An elegant, messy updo

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Whether it's a formal event or even just a regular day with your friends, we believe that you can never go wrong with a chic, fun and messy updo. All you have got to do is braid the full length of your hair, twirl it around in a bun, hide the ends with a bobby pin and you've got yourself a voluminous bouncy bun. If you want to have more fun with it and make it a little bit messy, then just pull out a couple of strands, framing your face to complete the look.

2. Charismatic Chignon

Charismatic Chignon

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Next up, we have another super easy hairstyle for you. You only need a hair comb, hair spray and a hair elastic. A chignon is simply described as a reverse ponytail pinning your hair into a knot. It's as easy as it sounds, so tie your hair in a ponytail, reverse flip it and now use the hair elastic to secure it in a bun. It's a graceful look for any occasion, from friend's wedding to date nights, it will make all the heads turn.

3. Classic Ponytail

Classic Ponytail

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Another hairstyle that we have for you is the classic ponytail. Just take all of your hair, spray some water and gel to keep it together and give it a cleaner look and tie it in a high ponytail. If you want you can even use a headband to amp up your look. This hairstyle is best for hot summer days when you want nothing more than to keep the hair from your face. Just make sure that your hair is damp and moisturized to make sure the ponytail looks full and fluffy.

4. Half up down bun

Half up down bun

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This is yet another interesting look that will elevate any outfit or look. From a crazy concert night to a serious meeting, it can be worn anywhere. All you have to do is divide your hair in a half up down fashion, take the extra chunk of hair and turn it into a bun. With the bouncy curls, it's the perfect look to wear on a daily basis too!

5. Wavy, Messy, Bold Bob

Wavy, Messy, Bold Bob

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A bob can never go out of trend right, so why not make the best of it? Keep your waves and curls easy with open hair, just by tousling it a little. This will give it a light breezy look, perfect for a movie marathon date or an amusement park adventure.

6. Crown look

Crown look

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This is what we like to call a crown look for all the queens out there. It's a more sporty look as it keeps the hair away from the face but nonetheless, maintains the style quotient as well. A crown braid on curly hair looks just so lovely!

7. Pretty pinned up curls

Pretty pinned up curls

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For those of you, who have extremely small ringlets, this just makes a very simple yet delicate hairstyle. Just pin up a section of the hair and hair spray it, to give a little bit of bounce and volume.
There, you're all done. Yes, it's that simple to have a stunning fountain of curls and coils at the top of your head.

These are some of our favorite hairstyles which have worked wonders over the years on all kinds of face types. We hope you've gotten a ton of ideas from this and are ready to receive some amazing compliments from your friends and family!!

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