CG Method for beginners

CG (Curly Girl) Method: Everything Beginners Need to Know!

Almost all of us have grown up watching people we look up to flaunt glossy straight or the perfect wavy hair! In the early 2000s, a bunch of curl experts decided to put an end to the societal discrimination against curly-haired people. They changed the fate of curl heads by formulating the CG Method.

If you’re a curl head, you must have heard about the CG Method! But do you know what exactly the method is about and why was it formulated in the first place? We’ll tell you.

Needless to say, owning Curly hair isn’t an easy task or rather, owning and maintaining luscious curly hair isn’t easy! Especially when you’ve grown up watching people you look up to flaunt straight or the perfect wavy hair! Be it the lively Anushka Sharma for Head and shoulders or the stunning Aishwarya Rai for Loreal Paris, silky straight hair has been the norm for the time we can remember, right? What about us curlies and coilies, who form approximately 60% of the global population?

Similar questions and discussions paved the way for the revolutionary formulation of the renowned CG Method.

What is the CG method? (We’ll help you with the CG Method meaning!)

The CG Method or the Curly Girl Method introduced a unique approach to hair care altogether. In the early 2000s, a bunch of curl experts came together to bring various scattered information, product details, tutorials, and DIYs into a whole and called it the Curly Girl Method or popularly called the CGM. The method was officially developed by Lorraine Massey, who is a hairstylist and curl expert. She also wrote Curly Girl: The Handbook which basically blessed the curl heads with a guide to attain gorgeous curly hair with the usage of certain products and techniques of styling.

gorgeous curly hair

How do I start practicing CGM? The step-by-step routine (The CG method steps you’re eager to learn)

CG Method is the same for all. CG Method India isn’t different from the OG Method formulated in the US. Let’s see how that works!

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  • Condition: Apply a generous amount of a CG-friendly conditioner like Curlvana Curl Shine Gentle Conditioner to your curls and detangle your tresses gently with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.
  • Style: Take your time to apply a styling gel all over from your roots to the ends.

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  • Dry: Cover your curls in a cotton t-shirt or a microfibre towel to get rid of the excess water. Never be harsh, as it could damage the curls.
  • Repeat this each time you wash your hair. Isn’t that simple?

    But why the hype?

    Because the CG method showed results. Results that stayed. People who adopted the method soon discovered that it transformed their Curly, Coily, and wavy hair, reducing breakage and frizz. You’d find a billion articles on the web about CG methods, including the good and bad reviews, which makes it intimidating for beginners to even think about incorporating those practices into their daily routine. Most of you would feel that the CG routine already demands a lot of time and effort, but if there isn’t even a guarantee that it’s going to work, what’s the point? And we totally feel you! No worries, we’re going to break it down for you.

    Let’s get to know the don’ts of the CG method

    The primary focus of the CG Method for hair is on cutting off the toxic products and routines that take away the charm of our curls and undertaking steps that add to the shine of our incredibly lively crown. Here’re a few things you shouldn’t do to your curls!

    1. Say no to harsh Shampoos: Curly Hair, as you’d already know, contains natural moisture, more than straight hair. Using regular shampoos might completely strip off moisture from your curls and you’d end up with dull brittle hair.
    2. Combs & brushes: Unlike straight-haired people, you shouldn’t comb curly hair with a regular comb every day, as it can damage them badly. Maybe use a wide-toothed comb instead and only comb your hair when it’s wet or at least damp.
    3. Heating tools: Using heating tools such as blow-dry and straighteners might cause irreparable damage to your hair and it’s truly not worth it. Take the right care of your curls and watch yourself fall head over heels in love with them!
    4. No Sulfate and Silicone: It is better not to use products containing sulfate and silicone on your curly tresses. Sulfate doesn’t do any good to your curls. Silicone, a substance that doesn’t dissolve in water, can only be removed with sulfates.
    5. Drying your tresses: A regular towel shouldn’t be used to dry your curls. If you don’t, kudos! We and the CG Method suggest you use a cotton T-shirt or a microfiber towel to soak the water gently from your curls and then let it air dry.
    6. Products with Alcohol: Try to avoid using products containing major alcohol content, as it has a high chance of degrading your hair cuticle. Even though, not all alcohols are bad. Some alcohols such as Hyaluronic Acid hydrates curls immensely. Just look out for those who have high chances of causing damage.

    CG-friendly products to use! (driving away from the confusion)

    Everybody has a different hair type. Even after narrowing it down to curly hair care specifically, there exist varied kinds of curly hair, too. So what might work wonders for you, might not do anything for someone who has curly hair. But the basic set to be used under CGM include a gentle cleaner\shampoo, a good conditioner, a trustworthy leave-in cream, and a hydrating gel. It might seem a bit overwhelming to adapt to a new hair care routine and use products you haven’t used ever, which is exactly why we’ve kept a rather easy line-up of products that’ll ease your journey into the Curly Girl Method.

    The incredibly gentle shampoo from Curlvana suits Indian curls so damn well! It doesn’t dry out your curls even a little bit. The ultimate kit from the brand comes with this Shampoo, a deeply moisturizing conditioner, a style in cream for soft hold, a styling gel that lets you sculpt your curls the way you wish, and an out of the world, Hair Mask. Try using the mask during weekends for damage repair and nourishment, you’d be glad to see the results in a matter of just a few weeks. Curlvana, a CG-friendly brand, simplifies curl care as all of the products work on all types of hair!

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    Here're A Few Answers To Your Doubts!

    curly, coily, and wavy hair

    1. Who is The CG method for?

    The CG Method is for anybody who has curly, coily, and wavy hair. It doesn’t work well for those with poke straight hair.

    2. How often should I wash my curls according to the CG method?

    The number of times you wash your curls doesn’t hold any relevance as long as you’re only using gentle cleansers. Who would have thought, right? Also, if you must know, we’d advise those with intense coily hair to co-wash once a week. Thick curls and waves can be washed gently about 1 to 3 times a week. If your curls are super fine and oily, washing every other day is also a good idea.

    3. What’s the best way to apply the CG-approved products for good results?

    The best and the easiest way to apply any product to your curls is scrunching. When you scrunch your curls while applying, it helps to blend well with your hair. Curls get moisturized and look more defined and hydrated. If you have fine hair, try to do this with your curls upside down! Your curls will appear deliciously voluminous.

    4. What is co-washing hair?

    Co-washing seems like jargon but it basically means cleansing your hair with a conditioner, not with shampoo. You’d know that curly hair gets dry quickly and shampoos often steal the moisture making our curls dry.

    5. How to dry my curls in the CG method?

    The ideal way to dry curls is to just plop your hair upside down, use a microfibre towel or a cotton t-shirt to scrunch out the excess water, and leave it to air dry.

    6. How long does it usually take for the CG method to show results?

    Frankly, the CG Method works best for those who choose to stick with it. The transition phase of switching your routine will not be fun, but the results are worth it. The CG method involves a lot of experimentation and effort until you crack the code. This could take a while, even a few months, but patience is key.

    7. Will the CG method make my hair curly?

    No. The CG Method was formulated to enhance your natural curls and improve the texture. Follow the Curly Girl Method for healthier curls. It won’t change your hair type.

    8. Is deep conditioning necessary? how often should I do it?

    Yes. Deep conditioning once a week is extremely good for your curls to feel soft and nourished.

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