Maintaining the glorious mess

Maintaining The Glorious Mess: Curly Hair Do’s And Don’ts!

Everybody makes it sound like curl care is a big deal when it really isn’t. All you got to do is understand the basics of dealing with curly hair. Trust us, it seems complicated only till you dive into it. It’s time to make room for curl care, guys!
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There’s a quote that goes like this, “When you take care of things, they last.” The same goes for curls, too! You have to take good care of your curls for them to look bouncy and lively as ever, forever. While you’re on your way to understanding hair type and listening to your curls better, we’ve got some do’s and don’ts of curly hair care for you! Too many people share opinions about what to do and what not to do to your curls! It does get exhausting and confusing as to which one to follow and which one to ignore, right? If you’ve ever wondered, what should people with curly hair actually avoid and what they should live by, go on and read! We’ve broken it down for you.

1. Washing curly hair


Wash your locks once a week. If you’re using gentle CG-friendly shampoos such as the Curlvana Fortifying Curl Cleanse, you can wash your hair regularly too, because it doesn’t strip natural moisture of your curls. Styling curly hair after a shower gets easier with Curlvana styling leave-in cream.


Washing your hair daily isn’t the most viable option for the curl crowd, in case you use a regular shampoo, as it damages curly hair leaving them all dry. We’d advise you to stop using regular shampoos on your curls, as it’ll make them dry and brittle.

2. Conditions for conditioning


Curly hair is thirsty by nature! The first thing you got to do is, choose a rich conditioner that works its magic on your curly hair type. If your curls are super dry and coarse, condition your hair every day. Otherwise, you can apply conditioner a few times a week. We recommend Curlvana Curl Shine Gentle Conditioner.


Haven’t you heard that too much of anything is bad? It applies to conditioning our curls, too! Make sure you don’t get carried away and over-condition your hair, as it weighs down your curls. Over conditioning makes our hair dry and unmanageable too! Also, while applying conditioner to your curls, do not skip the ends as they are the driest parts of your hair.

3. To brush or not to brush, that’s the real question.


Always make it a point to detangle your curls while conditioning, using a wide-toothed comb. You can also comb your curls gently right after stepping out of the shower when they’re fresh and wet.


Brushing your curls daily would cause breakages, split ends, ruin the natural texture, and ultimately create an unimaginably frizzy mess. So, try not to commit the mistake of brushing your curls daily, especially when they aren’t damp or wet.

4. Drying curls without drying them out entirely.


For your naturally long curly hair to look charming and defined, take sufficient time to air dry them. If you’re in a hurry, swaddle wet curls in a microfibre towel or a simple cotton T-shirt to get rid of just the right amount of excess water after a wash, and then let it air dry.


Using heating tools would cause permanent damage to your delicate curls. With the regular usage of such tools, you’ll end up with more and more split ends and breakages. It’s better not to blow-dry your curls, as they are fragile. But if you’re in a hurry, always apply a thermal heat protectant before you do.

5. Sleep shouldn’t mess with curl care.


You can either wrap your curls in a satin scarf or tie them in a high bun. Separating your hair into proper braids or twists before tying the bun would also be a good idea to ensure less rubbing of the hair cuticles, the reason for frizz. You’ll also find several other hairstyles that work wonders for curly hair while you’re in your beauty sleep.


Do not use a cotton pillowcase! Cotton absorbs moisture from your curls leaving them dull and dry in the morning. Doesn’t that sound like a disastrous beginning to a beautiful day? Also, do not tie the bun too tight, as it might leave a crease in the curls.

healthy curly hair

Things get as complicated as we make them. Maintaining healthy curly hair could be difficult for some, easy for some others! But the truth is, all of us dream of owning healthy hair. At the end of the day, everything boils down to your way of looking at it and dealing with it. If you aren’t head over heels in love with your curls yet, we’ll make you! Make room for curl care today and while you are at it, check out our breath-taking range of glycerine-free curl care products from Curlvana.

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