Curly Hair

Facts About Curly Hair You Probably Didn’t Know!

We have some fun, interesting and funny facts and trivia about curly, coily haired. So, buckle up and let the fun begin!!

Fact #1- An average head of hair has approximately 1,20,000 hair while a curly head has only 1,00,000. Although due to the heavy density and volume it only appears that curly haired people have twice the amount of hair on their head.

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Fact #2- One head, many curl types and many heads, one curl type. Precisely what this means is that one person can have many different types of curls ranging from 1a, 1b, 1c….3c.

Fact #3- Wavy hair can shrink upto 5%, curly hair can shrink upto 30% and coily hair can shrink upto 75% under certain circumstances.

Fact #4- There are many different curl patterns ranging from straight wavy, wavy, botticelli, corkscrew to coily.

coily Hair

Fact #5- Curly hair has different phases, yes you read it right. What we mean by that is approximately 90% of curly hair are always growing while 10% of it is stagnant or in a resting phase.

Fact #6- Curly hair has been and we're pretty sure will continue to be the chic, playful, trendy look. It was really popular back in the day especially among the aristocracy and upper classes.

Fact #7- Curly hair only grows about 6 inches per year.

Fact #8- Those who are nig history buffs, will surely dig this. So the first modern Britons who lived about 10,000 years ago had curly hair and all of us are majorly their descendants. The first human to migrate to the UK whose remains have been found recently, more popularly known as was dark skinned with beautiful long curly hair. Cheddar ManFact #9- Zeus, considered the father of all gods and humans and infamous for his various mischievous activities, also had curly hair. Surely, you got some superiority complex after reading that hahah.

Fact #10- There is very limited understanding of genetics responsible for carrying curly hair and knowledge about its evolution. Only very recently, in 2017 there was a curly haired gene found, called trichohyalin by scientists at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research.

Fact #11- Wavy and curly hair is the most dominant hair type in Europe. Only 44% of the people there have straight hair while the remaining 56% are blessed with cute little ringlets.

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