Pre And Post-Workout Curl Care Tips

Pre And Post-Workout Curl Care Tips

Most curlies are aware that it's not recommended to wash your hair excessively since this can lead to losing natural oils, leaving hair dry and into a bunch of lifeless curls, which are more prone to breaking. That is why many curlies opt for washing their hair only once. While you work out, your body generates heat and sweat, which, combined with humidity, can wreak havoc on your curls, causing your hair to become a frizzy ball of mess.

Taking care of your curls while you exercise isn't easy. While your curls are battling sweat, heat, and humidity, you will notice your curls changing from looking gorgeous to being a tangled mess in a flash.

Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can try to maintain your curls in good form without having to sacrifice your fitness.

We'll be sharing efficient pre and post-workout curly tips to ensure that you keep your curls stunning the entire time.

Exercise: Is It Good For The Scalp?

Healthy Hair Growth

Exercise or other physical activity, such as jogging or walking, increases body temperature and improves blood circulation. It helps release toxins from the body. Increasing blood supply to your scalp improves the scalp condition, fortifies the hair follicles with essential nutrients, and promotes healthy hair growth. So regular exercise benefits your body and helps maintain a healthy scalp and hair.

What Does Sweat Do to Hair?

Sweating is inevitable when you work out. The high salt content in your sweat can make your scalp dry and itchy and clog the pores of your scalp. Sweat can dry out the curls making your hair dry, frizzy, and fragile. Moist and clogged pores can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, which lead to an inflamed scalp.

The most effective method to treat the scalp that's damp and oily is to wash it. Frequent washing can dry out your curls but it's unlikely to happen with only one more shampooing session in a week.

Curly Hair- Workout: Is Sweating An Obstacle To Workout?

Managing your curls after sweating makes many women reluctant to exercise. A recent survey states that 45-50% of women with curly hair hesitated to exercise because of anxiety about how their hair would appear and feel after sweating during a workout. Curlies feel that sweating can damage their hair and ruin their hairstyle. Many curlies find it challenging to do their hair after a workout because they lack time. The idea of washing the hair more often makes many curls weary after a workout.

Pre-Workout Curly Hair Care Tips

Pre-Workout Curly Hair Care

Taking good care of your curls before working out is as important as taking care of them afterward. Here are some expert-recommended pre-workout curly hair care tips.

  1. Avoid contact of your hair with the facial and neck sweat by tying it with a scrunchie at the top of your head, in the form of pineapple. Scrunchies are a good option as they are not too tight and won't damage your curls.
  2. Alternatively, you can wear a headband, but make sure that it is sweat-absorbing and not very tight on your head, or else it can flatten your curls.
  3. Ensure you wash your headband and scrunchies daily to avoid germs, bacteria, oil, and sweat.
  4. Touching your hair while exercising will disrupt the curl and cause frizzy hair, which is already dreaded. So avoid touching your hair frequently; it will only add to your hair issues.
  5. Avoid using heavy hair care products before working out. The sweat and body heat generated during a workout can melt the product, making it sticky and greasy, damaging the structure of your curls.
  6. The tight bun is a strict no while working out as it can damage your curls. Damp hair is more prone to breakage, so tying up your hair tightly during a workout can lead to hair loss and thinning.
  7. Avoid using a hair spray before working out, as it can make the product sticky, damaging your curls.
  8. Avoid using a bath towel to dry your sweat, as rubbing with the bath towel can cause friction in the hair, leading to frizz and hair breakage. Instead, you can use a microfiber towel and pat dry your sweat, as it will absorb the moisture without using any friction.

Try these curly hair care tips to keep your curls fresh, intact, and bouncy while working out.

Post-Workout Curly Hair Care Tips

Once done with the workout, you should ensure that your curls look upbeat and vibrant. Check out these expert-recommended post-workout curly hair care tips.

  1. Remove the headband or scrunchie when you finish the workout and let your hair go down free; while assuming that all the sweat has dried, gently shake your hair. Flip your head upside down, take some curling cream into your hands, and apply it to the roots and tips, giving you an extra boost of moisture and much-needed shine.
  2. Due to heavy sweating during a workout, your hair and scalp may feel greasy and dirty. Make sure to keep the scalp clean by washing your hair to avoid the accumulation of sweat, grease, and dirt on your hair and scalp. How many times you want to wash your hair in a week is determined by you, depending upon your curly hair care needs.
  3. You can use dry shampoo between your wash days to avoid greasiness and dirt on your scalp. Though dry shampoo cannot be a replacement for your regular shampoo, it can give some relief from a greasy and itchy scalp.
  4. On days when you feel very sweaty and greasy because of not washing your hair, keep the Curlvana Curly Hair Products handy in your gym bag, which may consist of a hydrating curl cleanser, hair mask, and curl defining gel.

The key to caring for curly hair is knowing your curls, understanding what products to use, and having the knowledge of how and when to apply them.

Try these expert-recommended pre and post-curly hair workout tips to ensure that your curls look fresh, bouncy, and vibrant after a workout. Now that you know how to care for your curls and curly hair- workout will never be a hassle anymore.

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