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Curly Hair Accessories You Can’t Miss Out On!

It's not always easy being different, being the odd one out and getting recognized even in a crowd of a hundred people, however appealing the last one may be. As a community of wonderful curly haired crazy girls, it would be an understatement to say we've got it all figured out and covered. From micro managing the hair every day to styling and accessorizing for regular work days or events, all of it comes with its own fun little challenges.

When you stand apart, you get a variety of hair grooming options to choose from too. Here's a list of some awesome hair accessories which are easily available in India at affordable prices-

1. Satin bonnets for curly hair

Again, sleeping in a satin bonnet is amazing for keeping your hair in a good condition and maintaining its natural texture as satin is less jarring on the hair as compared to other materials. It not only looks cute and gives the extra "ooh" element, making you look chic without much effort but most importantly, keeps the hair healthy by protecting the hair from dryness and retaining moisture. Moreover, it works on all hair styles, whether it's braids, buns or even sleeping with the natural hair. This thus, allows the previous day's hair style to remain untouched and requires minimal effort to style the hair the following day.

2. Satin scrunchies

Satin scrunchies are an excellent choice due to all the reasons mentioned above, keeping the creases away, reducing damage and breakage, your curls in no time would be bouncy, healthy and shiny.

3. Pineapple Keeper

Pineapple keepers come in all colours and prints, and they're mostly used as a tool to keep the hair from tangling. Not only that, it is a great tool or a way to naturally style your hair without using any products or anything. It comes in both an elastic and a velcro option. It has been really popular on TikTok and Instagram as well.

4. Hair Barrettes

A barrette can be used for a variety of hair styles while making sure that the hair doesn't break and causes on harm to it. Again, barrettes have been hogging social media with their style statement, appeal and easy to use technique.

5. Head wrap

A head wrap or a head scarf as the name suggests, smooths all the frizzy single hair strands and wraps around the head giving it a very smooth and sleek look. They've been termed as "the chicest accessory of 2021" but the trend will take a long time to die down. Revived and made popular by luxury brands such as Versace, Dior, Max Mara and others, it has left a lasting impact on the consumers because of its easy and readily available.

6. PuffCuff

A puff cuff is like a banana clip except it's not shaped like a banana. Instead, it has a round shape, working best for a thick, coily hair type. When it comes to hair styling, puff cuff allows you to create and experiment with as many hair styles and design you want to create without causing any damage to it. Unlike, elastic hair bands which easily break and cause you to entirely turn red in the face. It won't be an overstatement when I say that it's an absolute lifesaver and works wonders with my hair.

7. Tempcap pro

Well as the name suggests, it's a wireless heat cap without causing any actual damage to your hair. Post deep conditioning the hair, heat it in a microwave or through a double boiler method and cover your scalp with it. Wait for a while, preferable 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off. This will hydrate your hair well and keep it smooth and soothe.

We're at the end of the list of some of the best and most used hair accessories everyone should have in their closet. These have worked exponentially well for us and we hope you find it helpful as well and stylish as well.

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