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6 Curly Hair Influencers You Should Follow on Instagram Now!

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Influencers are everywhere. But is everyone influencing? The obvious answer is, no. Navigating through the hundred influencers and finding the right ones isn’t always easy. No worries, we’ll help you out. Curlvana has closely observed the social media members of the tightly knit curl community. We understood their views on owning curls, embracing them, styling them and a lot more. We thought, why keep this treasure to ourselves? Come, let’s take a look at some stunning curlheads, who have incredible social media presence and go all out to encourage curlheads all over to celebrate their curls everyday.

1. Dipika Joshi

Deepika Joshi

Source : Instagram

An engineer turned content creator, Dipika Joshi tries to influence the world to change their perception about curly hair and its under-appreciated beauty. Growing up, Dipika fought with her frizzy, unmanageable mane. Television ads and society convinced her that curls are ugly. Quite naturally, she thought her curls are ugly to look at, too! Once she began the journey towards embracing her curls, she treated her curls like how they’re supposed to be treated, with the right products.

She creates content specifically for Indian curlheads, as she firmly believes more curl representation and awareness is required in our country. Although she’s aware that self acceptance isn’t an easy concept to adopt, she tirelessly encourages and guides curly hair folks to accept their curly locks. Through her instagram handle, she promotes self acceptance, talks extensively about curly hair care, skin care, and shares her honest experiences about curly hair and other personal care products.

2. Madhushree Joshi

Madhushree Joshi

Source : Instagram

A full time software engineer and a part time content creator, Madhushree Joshi is no stranger to the curl world. We engage in plenty of giveaways and live sessions with Madhushree. We’re finding it hard to figure out what’s more cute, her curls or her pretty face. By now, you’d have understood she’s Curlvana’s very own curl crush.

She’s passionate about everything beautiful. Along with a ton of curly hair content, she also makes makeup and lifestyle videos for her Instagram followers. She’s a little bit of a mystery to us and her curl crowd. Following her might help you learn more about her and her curl craze.

3. Swarnim


Source : Instagram

Swarnim, another curly hair content creator, with her infectious smile and bouncy curls aim to make every curl head fall in love with their curls. She has been going strong on her curl care journey and shares the same through her content. Instead of selling unrealistic dreams, she shares achievable curl goals. Bringing underrated curl accessories to attention, tips to add instant volume to curls, do’s and don’ts of curl styling, her curl content is one that 55.2k of her followers keenly look forward to. Her reels on 1 minute curly hairstyles and creating the perfect curly buns are so practical. Through easy curl hairstyles, curl care products, curl care myths and more, her social media presence is truly impressive. She is an honest ambassador of self love as well.

4. Jenny


Source : Instagram

Jenny, a beauty blogger and the founder of clothing brand, unblock by jenny, has won the internet’s heart with her and her daughter’s curls. She’s hellbent on solving all curly and wavy hair problems of Insta folks. From ‘I hate my frizzy hair’ to a ‘curly hair content creator’ Jenny’s individual growth in terms of self acceptance is an inspiring one. She gave curl heads out there the courage to color their curls, shedding the fear.

Her active posts on the fb group - Indian Indian Curl Pride, detailed feedbacks on curl products and pushing curlheads to not worry about myths tied to curly hair, she has been the number one Curl Guru to a number of curly peeps.

5. Sanika


Source : Instagram

Having graduated with BSc (Hons) in Business and Management from the University of Derby, Sanika specialises in Content Creation, Social Media Marketing Marketing and Content Strategy. Her content focuses primarily on makeup, skin care, and curly hair care. She’s an exponentially growing content creator. Sanika never misses a chance to bombard her Youtube channel with reviews, first impressions, unboxing, routines, and fun vlogs.

6. Khushbu Singhvi

Khushboo Singhvi

Source : Instagram

‘In love with my Curls & Curves’ admits the content creator, Khushbu Singhvi in her Instagram handle with 20.8k followers. This list would be incomplete without her. She passionately creates content related to Curly hair care and plus size fashion. A software engineer by profession and a content creator by passion, she shares her honest journey on her social media. She understands the budgetary restrictions when it comes to beauty and personal care and takes that into account when creating content for her followers. Do’s and don’ts of oiling curly hair, summer wash days, spontaneous and quick curl refreshing sessions and curly hair reality checks, her Insta feed is one anybody would stop and stare at.

Don’t forget to follow these ah-mazing curl queens! Cheer them on, so that they continue to support and encoourage our curl community to grow everyday.




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