Rich in several vitamins, minerals, and proteins, spirulina works as a ‘wonder tonic’ for damaged, curly hair. It moisturizes the hair and scalp and maintains the pH balance of the same. Spirulina is said to trap moisture inside the hair shaft, leading to smooth, moisturized, and hydrated hair.
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Searching for natural hair care products that can help in boosting your hair growth as well as make it strong, silky, and shiny? Then you’re at the perfect place. Because ‘spirulina’ must be the natural hair care product you’re looking for. Don't know what spirulina is? Don't worry, we got your back! In this blog, we will clarify what spirulina is, along with discussing its various benefits for hair and explaining how it is used. What are you waiting for? Read on to find out more!

What is spirulina?

Spirulina is a natural microalga, obtained primarily from Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maxima- two species of cyanobacteria. It grows underwater, in highly alkaline environments. Spirulina has been classified as the ‘superfood’ or ‘the best food on earth’ by the United Nations. It is said to be rich in minerals; Vitamins E, B6, B12, and C; iron; zinc; protein; essential fatty acids and amino acids; omega-6; and chlorophyll. Spirulina can be found in powdered form as well as in hair care products. It is an antioxidant, and therefore, excellent for hair growth and damaged hair.

Benefits of spirulina for hair

Rich in several vitamins, minerals, and proteins, spirulina works as a ‘wonder tonic’ for damaged hair. Apart from its benefits for skin and health, Spirulina is especially beneficial for the hair as well. Read on to learn about some of the many benefits of spirulina for hair.

1. It boosts hair growth.

Looking for a hair care product that can help boost your hair growth? We have the perfect match for you! Spirulina is rich in several vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids, as well as iron, which are the basic nutrients required for boosting hair growth. To use spirulina as a hair growth booster, apply spirulina oil or spirulina-based shampoo and conditioner externally.

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2. It prevents dandruff.

Fungal settlement on the scalp is one of the reasons behind dandruff. Spirulina has antimicrobial properties which help in preventing dandruff and keeping the scalp as well as the hair healthy and nourished. The presence of zinc also helps in fighting against dandruff.

3. It acts as a moisturizer.

Famous for its moisturizing properties, spirulina is especially beneficial for the hair. It moisturizes the hair and scalp and maintains the pH balance of the same. Spirulina is said to trap moisture inside the hair shaft, leading to smooth, moisturized, and hydrated hair.

4. It adds shine to your hair.

Who doesn’t want silky, soft, and shiny hair? But excessive use of heat-based hair styling tools, exposure to extreme weather conditions, along with several other factors may lead to damaged hair, snatching its right to be shiny and splendid. This is what spirulina is useful for. It has excellent antioxidant properties which help in trapping the moisture in the hair, repairing the hair damage, and making the hair silkier, softer, and shinier.

5. It combats hair fall problems.

People with damaged hair often face hair fall problems. These could be due to over-hydrating of hair follicles, as well as because of split ends. Unlike other hair oils that clog the hair follicles, spirulina does not do the same. Instead, it hydrates and moisturizes the hair, preventing it from being dehydrated and frizzy, and ultimately helps combat hair fall problems.

6. It heals the scalp.

Constant usage of hair colors as well as frequent exposure to extreme weather conditions leads to a damaged and unhealthy scalp. And unless your scalp is healthy, your hair can't be healthy either. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain scalp health as well. Spirulina contains several proteins and amino acids, which work brilliantly in soothing and rebalancing the scalp, as well as regaining its health.

7. It repairs damaged hair.

There can be several causes of damaged hair- excessive usage of heat-based hair styling tools and not using the proper shampoo and conditioner are some of them. These may lead to your hair getting dehydrated and turning dry, frizzy, and brittle. As mentioned before, spirulina is popular for its moisturizing and hydrating properties. These help in repairing hair damage and making the hair stronger and healthier.

8. It slows down the hair’s graying process.

Melanin is a pigment responsible for your skin and hair color. Excessive usage of hair coloring products as well as deficiency in nutrients may make melanin production slow down, leading to graying of hair. As spirulina is rich in iron and amino acids, it helps in restoring the natural color of the hair and slows down its graying process by improving melanin secretion.

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How to use spirulina for hair?

Spirulina can be used in several ways to promote hair growth and health. Some of these are listed below:

  1. As a hair mask: Spirulina hair mask is perfect for promoting hair growth and nourishing the hair richly. To prepare the hair mask, take 1 tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of Spirulina powder, ½ a banana or avocado, and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Blend all these ingredients to a thick, fine paste. Apply this paste to your hair and massage it softly onto your scalp. After applying, cover your head with a shower cap and let sit for at least 30 minutes to one hour. After an hour, rinse off your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. This will give you nourished and conditioned hair.
  2. As a shampoo mix: You can even mix spirulina powder with your shampoo to get strong and smooth hair. Simply mix 1 to 2 spoonfuls of spirulina powder with your usual shampoo consumption amount and use it the same way you would use your shampoo. After washing your hair, dry it thoroughly using a towel.
  3. As a conditioner: Just like you can mix spirulina with your shampoo, you can mix it with your conditioner as well to get silky soft conditioned hair. Simply add 1 to two spoonfuls of spirulina powder to your usual conditioner consumption amount and apply it to your hair after washing it. Let sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off. After washing, make sure to dry your hair naturally thoroughly.

Now that we’ve imparted this much of our knowledge of the benefits and usages of spirulina, we hope you will consider it for getting stronger and healthier hair.

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