Flax Seed

Flax Seed

Being the powerhouse of essential nutrients, flax seed has many health as well as beauty benefits. It is excellent for adding definition to curly hair. It helps in holding the curls in place while keeping the frizz at bay. This is a must-have in every curly-haired woman's curl-care arsenal. 
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Flaxseed for hair growth has become an increasingly popular choice in natural hair loss remedies because it’s easy to use, inexpensive, and highly effective. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use flaxseed for hair in your daily regime to combat hair loss and encourage the growth of new, lustrous locks.

What is flax seed? 

Flaxseeds are obtained either from linseeds or flax plants. Flaxseeds are one of the richest sources of nutrients available on our planet. It is a rich source of fatty acids (omega-3 fatty acids), vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Being the powerhouse of essential nutrients, flax seed has many health as well as beauty benefits.

Flaxseed benefits for hair 

Many of us are not aware of the haircare benefits of flaxseed. Let's elucidate the flaxseed benefits for hair.

1. Promotes hair growth 

Vitamin B deficiency in your body can lead to hair loss. Flaxseed is a rich source of various B vitamins such as B12, niacin, pyridoxine, riboflavin, folic acid, and biotin. An adequate amount of B vitamins in your body helps fortify the hair follicles with essential nutrients which in turn promotes the growth of healthy hair. Experts recommend consuming flaxseed for hair growth.

2. Repairs the damaged cells 

Vitamin E is considered to be an excellent antioxidant that fights free radicals and prevents hair and scalp damage. It effectively repairs the damaged cells and accelerates the healing mechanism.

3. Reduces hair loss and hair breakage 

The high level of essential fatty acids such as omega-3 is known to reduce inflammation and boost blood circulation providing vital nutrients to the hair; thus, reducing hair loss. It improves the elasticity of the hair preventing hair breakage and effectively retains the length of your hair.

4. Maintains healthy scalp 

Flaxseed is known to regulate excess oil production and maintain the pH balance of your scalp.

5. Soothes the scalp 

Its anti-inflammatory property is attributed to the presence of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) which has a soothing effect on itchy and inflamed scalp, thus preventing various scalp issues.

6. Keeps your strands hydrated 

The fatty acids bind moisture to the hair shaft, keeping the strands hydrated for a longer time. It makes the hair soft, smooth and more manageable, while eliminating frizz.

7. Improves the texture of the hair 

Keratine, a type of protein is known to give structure to the hair. The high level of protein in flaxseed adds strength to the hair, and improves the overall texture of the tresses.

How to use flaxseed for hair 

Flaxseed for hair has an array of benefits, due to which is used in the form of gel, oil and hair masks. You have a lot of options for effectively using flaxseed for hair growth. Let's see what are they.

1. Make it a part of your diet 

Flaxseed is a rich source of nutrients which helps to maintain healthy hair and scalp. You can add it to your daily diet to harness all the benefits of flaxseed. You can add a teaspoon of flaxseed powder to your smoothies, or use it in salads, cookies, milk and muffins.

2. Use it as a scalp treatment 

Flaxseed oil can be used as a scalp treatment oil. Gently massage your scalp with flaxseed oil for 5 minutes. You can steam your head for 5-10 minutes or wrap a hot towel on your hair. The steam will open up the pores of your scalp, allowing easier penetration of the oil.

3. Use it as a styling product 

Flaxseed gel can be used as a styling product. Flaxseed gel is available in the market or you can prepare it at home. Curlvana has an excellent flax seed gel that is specially formulated for curly hair. It works to add texture, bounce, and structure to the curls and lends a soft hold for long-lasting curls. Let’s see how to make flaxseed gel at home.

  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of flaxseed to 2 cups of water.
  • Let it boil and then heat the mixture on a low flame for another 5-8 minutes. Allow it to cool.
  • You will notice a gel-like substance is obtained.
  • Squeeze out the gel from the stocking and transfer the gel into a clean container.
  • You can add your favourite essential oil and aloe vera gel for added haircare benefits. But this step is purely optional.
  • You can use this gel for styling purposes.

You can also use Curlvana Curl Defining Styling Gel.

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How to choose flaxseed oil for your hair? 

While choosing the flaxseed oil for hair, look for terms such as ‘pure’, organic, and ‘cold-pressed’ mentioned on the label of your product. Always buy your hair care products from reputed brands, so that you don't have to worry about the side effects.

Other ingredients it is compatible with 

Flaxseed gel/oil mixes well with most of the natural oils, essential oils and other natural hair care ingredients.

Side effects of flaxseed 

Flaxseed is generally considered to be safe. However, despite being well-tolerated, it is on the higher end of the comedogenic scale, meaning it can clog pores for some people, leading to scalp issues like dandruff. However, if used in moderation, it doesn’t cause any harm.

The myriad haircare benefits of flaxseed can be utilized to resolve all your haircare concerns, which will leave your scalp feeling cleaner and your hair feeling more refreshed, leaving you less worried about those split ends for good!

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