Behentrimonium Chloride

Behentrimonium Chloride

BTMC is a synthetic or plant-derived beauty ingredient used as a conditioning agent in many skincare and haircare products to improve the texture of the hair and skin. 
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If you're looking to switch to more natural hair care, you might be interested in Behentrimonium chloride, a haircare ingredient derived from the seeds of Brassica rapa oleifera, often referred to as rapeseed or canola. It belongs to the Mustard family. This popular ingredient has made its way into many natural hair care products and has been linked to everything from stronger, shinier locks to preventing thinning hair. But before you rush out and start applying this ingredient to your roots, let's look at what Behentrimonium Chloride does and if it's truly as good as they say it is!

What is behentrimonium chloride? 

Behentrimonium chloride or BTMC can be described as a waxy substance in the form of white pellets or flakes. It is also derived synthetically for commercial purposes. BTMC is a synthetic or plant-derived beauty ingredient used as a conditioning agent in many skincare and haircare products to improve the texture of the hair and skin. The plant is known for its distinctive yellow flowers. Behentrimonium chloride is the quaternary salt of ammonium and straight chain alkyl trimonium.

In hair care products, Behentrimonium Chloride is used as a cationic emulsifier. It gives your hair a conditioning effect. It is used in hair care products because of its anti-static property to eliminate frizz and hair dryness. Compared to Behentrimonium Methosulfate (BTMS), Behentrimonium chloride does not require stabilizing additives like Cetearyl alcohol.

It has a strong, pungent (fishy) odor that may not go well with everyone. But when combined with other haircare ingredients, its characteristic odor gets masked.

Benefits of behentrimonium chloride in haircare 

Behentrimonium Chloride is extensively used in hair care products because of its beneficial properties. It is a humectant, that keeps your scalp hydrated and hair well-conditioned. Let's elucidate the benefits of Behentrimonium Chloride in haircare.

1. Excellent condtioner 

It gently conditions your hair and enhances the hydration level of your strands. It makes your hair soft and smooth, thus improving the texture and appearance of your strands. The conditioning property of Behentrimonium Chloride makes it a primary ingredient in many conditioners, hair creams, and mousses.

2. Reduces frizz and hair dryness 

Behentrimonium Chloride is a humectant that has a hydrating effect on your hair. It is insoluble in water, so even after rinsing, it stays on the strands, keeping them hydrated and frizz-free for a longer time.

3. Anti-static 

Behentrimonium Chloride is mostly used in hair care products to cut down the static electric charge generated between the hair shafts when they rub against each other or the fabric.

It enhances the look of hair by providing it with shine and increased volume and may also assist in improving the texture of chemically treated or damaged hair. Static charge is generated between the strands due to hair dryness as there is no coating of oil that can prevent friction between the two strands.

Behentrimonium chloride forms a thin coating over the surface of your hair, reducing static and preventing frizz.

4. Emulsifier 

It acts as an emulsifier in the haircare product, preventing the ingredients of the product formula from becoming clumpy. It binds all the ingredients, enhancing the product formula's efficacy and shelf life.

5. Detangles your hair 

This ingredient helps in keeping your hair well-conditioned, reduces frizz and static, making it soft, smooth, and shiny. It makes your combing session hassle-free. It is used in conditioners, deep-conditioners, and leave-in conditioners to add strength and bounce to your strands.

Due to these beneficial properties, Behentrimonium Chloride is used in conditioners, hair colors, hair creams, and hair mousses.

How to use behentrimonium chloride in haircare products? 

Behentrimonium Chloride acts as an emulsifying agent in haircare products. It works as a de-frizzer and conditioning agent keeping your hair soft, smooth and shiny. It is an anti-static agent in your hair care products to reduce static, making your hair more manageable. BTMC is used as a detangling agent in your haircare product. It is used in many conditioners, deep conditioners, mousse, hair dyes, and hair serums. As BTMC improves the texture and appearance of your hair, it is a better alternative to harsh silicones in hair care products. People of all hair types can use it.

How to choose behentrimonium chloride haircare products? 

Behentrimonium Chloride appears in your hair care products as BTAC-228 or docosyltrimethylammonium chloride. Don't get confused seeing these names in the list of ingredients of your product. These are the synonyms of Behentrimonium Chloride or BTMC. It acts as a conditioner, anti-static, anti-frizz, and detangling agent in your hair care products.

Other ingredients it is compatible with 

It works well with most of the ingredients of hair care products.

Side effects of behentrimonium chloride 

The BTAC-228 or Behentrimonium chloride is a plant-derived ingredient used as an anti-static, detangler, and conditioning agent in hair care products. It is the preferred product in the cosmetic industry because it helps keep your hair frizz-free and improves the efficacy of the product formula, making it soft, smooth, and shiny. Behentrimonium Chloride is harmful in concentrations of 0.1 percent or more and is believed to cause irritations to the eyes and skin.

Some people with sensitive skin may experience allergic reactions to it. But as per the available data, experts have concluded that Behentrimonium Chloride is a non-hazardous cosmetic ingredient and can be safely used in haircare products. Experts recommend that Behentrimonium Methosulfate is a superior and more secure alternative to Behentrimonium Chloride.

If you are struggling with dry, dull, and damaged hair, then Behentrimonium Chloride can be an answer to all your hair concerns. It improves the texture and the shelf life of the product. It is suitable for all hair types, and when used in a regulated amount, it is considered safe.

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