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Crowned By Curls: 10 Reasons To Be Proud Of Your Curls!

Curls are the crowns we’re blessed with. But the struggle to love them in a world that largely celebrates straight glossy hair as the ideal hair type is real. Are you ready to get enlightened? We’re here to remind you of the reasons to adore your luscious curls and always be unabashedly proud of them!
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The curly hair saga

Do you have curls?
Are you often mocked by your friends?
Have you ever secretly wished you had straight hair?

If your answer to all the above questions is a yes, then you’re at the right place, my friend.

Everybody preaches about self-love and there’s no denying that self-love is the first step to living and not merely existing. But discovering self-love within ourselves gets a little hard when the people around us keep commenting on our hair, which forms an integral part of our identity and keeps suggesting ways to tame it. Feels unfair, right?

Curly Hair

This is the story of curly-haired folks all over the world. For the longest time, curly hair was a no-no, when it came to acceptable beauty standards. Straight hair was, and even now, considered to be more presentable and professional and the latter, unruly and unnatural. With the curly hair movement, curl communities, and the conceptualization of curl girl-friendly methods, things are changing, but at a very slow pace.

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"Yes, I have curly hair. No, I don’t wish that it was straight!"

Stunning Curls

Well, we’re in 2022 and it’s the year of Curlvana, which needless to say, means it’s time for us curly heads to whirl our curls on the faces of those who make fun of us! Things are about to take a 180-degree turn and you bet, we’re gonna make them bullies wish they had stunning curls like ours.

To love ourselves for all our quirks, flaws, and gorgeousness, we need to know and accept ourselves first. How about we help you to understand your hair better?

Why do I have Curly Hair?

Curly Hair

The organ in our body responsible for creating hair is the hair follicle. The attributes of the hair follicle determine the kind of hair we have including its shape and texture. The shape of this organ is also determined by the genes inherited from your parents. So, it goes without saying, that if your parents are curly heads, most probably you’d be one too!

Reasons to adore your curls!

Living among the chaos of the ever-present reality of hair discrimination surrounding us, at times we tend to forget and run out of reasons to shower our curls with love and be nothing less than unabashedly proud of them. While there are a million reasons to adore your breathtaking curls, here are a few of them:

1. It’s way more fun and quirky

Bouncy curls

I think you’d all agree that normal is boring. Curls are so much more fun and super quirky! People can spot you in a crowd easily with your bouncy curls all the time. You can play around with funky hairstyles and haircuts! The best part of having curls is that you don’t have to put any effort to look like you have put in the effort, curls are always curls, whether they are messy or tamed!

2. Cut down expenses and damage

Curl care products

When people say, “it’s so hard to manage curls ya!”, it’s mostly because they haven’t understood their curls and their needs. Check out Curlvana’s range of curl care products, if you’re one among them, and thank us later.

Once you figure out what works for your hair, it’s an easy ride from then on and the unnecessary hair care expenses can be cut down. Also, since we curlies don’t have to rely on heating tools to create juicy curls, we are saving our hair from a lot of damage!

"Come, live in a world run by unstoppable curls."

3. No time spent on combing!

No time spent on combing

We, curly heads, do not have to waste our energy combing our hair every day, unlike straight-haired folks! In fact, it is even advised by the CG community to not comb curly hair frequently as you lose your defined curls and they tend to appear frizzy, too! How lucky are we!

4. You’re instantly part of the curl community

Instantly part of the curl community

We have a goddamn cool community of curl gatekeepers to be a part of. How incredibly exciting is that?

A community that inspires you, challenges you, makes you feel seen, and helps you to the point to which you begin loving your locks. This community exists on a global scale and your ravishing curls make you a part of it, instantly.

5. You’re blessed with natural volume and texture

Natural volume and texture

Another boon of curly hair is that, unlike others, we don’t have to create volume. Our tresses always appear volumized and textured.

6. Your curls would be the object of envy for others

Envy luscious curls

Honestly, who doesn’t envy luscious curls? Every straight-haired person out there would have dreamt of having curly hair at least once in their lives. Those ringlets will not fail to charm anyone.

7. You rock all lengths

curly hair looks

Short, medium, or long, curly hair looks out of the world irrespective of the length of our hair, which is awesome!

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"My hair has more personality than a lot of people."

8. Dirty hair doesn’t bother you

Hair wash day

Aren’t we all guilty of skipping a hair wash day? However, when you have curls, even if you skip a wash, your hair wouldn’t expose you! Your curls play along and your little secret will stay safe between you and your curls.

9. Morning curls are out of the world

Morning curls

Remember going to bed with wet hair one day and getting up to fabulously wild curls the next morning? We, curly heads, have the advantage of owning uber-cool morning curls that inspire envy in everyone around you. Think about it, rocking your curls is one less thing you gotta worry about in the morning.

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10. Because it makes you, you!

Glycerin Free

At the end of the day, your hair is a part of your identity. Be it curly, coily, wavy, or straight, it’s yours and what’s yours is meant to be embraced and cherished. Oh, and Curlvana, the first-ever Glycerin-free brand in India, is here to help you out in your journey to adore what’s yours.

While we are talking about curls and falling in love with them, we can’t help but suggest you follow these amazing Instagrammers who are doing a fantastic job in flaunting their curls and giving away confidence to curl heads all around.


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