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4 Outfit Ideas All You Curlheads Need to Try ASAP!

Picking out what to wear every day can be a hassle, but once you overcome that step, how to don that outfit can be another struggle. But don’t worry, we have curated a couple of outfit ideas for beautiful women with curly hair. Let’s go!

Formal Chic

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I think we all can agree that it can be a bit challenging to achieve the classic girl boss look but it is not impossible. Pairing the right pieces is the key. Monotones or contrasts, you can choose according to your preference. As for your hair, a sleek updo will elevate your outfit while keeping it minimal and clean.

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Brush out your curls and untangle knots, pull your hair into a high pony and secure it. Divide the hair in the pony into two sections, twist the sections from root to tips, not too tightly and wrap it around the base of the pony. Secure it with bobby pins. You can use Curlvana Curl-Defining Styling Gel to smoothen any flyaways. This lightweight gel coats your hair evenly while helping to hold your curly strands.

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Cheeky Casual

Cheeky Casual

The ultimate aim of this idea is comfort, for both your outfit and your hair. A flowy dress, a midi skirt and top or a co-ord set, if it makes you feel beautiful, go for it! Endeavour a half-up, half-down look or a half bun, however you prefer to call it.

frizz hair

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Brush out your curly hair and put on some ThriveCo The Fix Leave-in Hair Cream which is designed to ease frizz while softening and detangling your curls. Now part your hair horizontally and make a bun with the upper half based on the crown. Viola! You’ve achieved simple & fun hair.

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Enthralling Ethnic

From festivals to weddings, we all love an occasion that puts our wardrobe to good use. Whatever you choose, a lehenga, a salwar or a saree, your curls can be a bit of a distraction. You can opt for a flowy lehenga or a neatly pleated Kanjivaram saree. In case you want something casual, a chikan kurti or a beautiful yoke designed Anarkali can make you stand out. If you want your outfit to stand out but also want to let your luscious tresses out, here is a hairstyle for you.

Enthralling Ethnic

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A slicked-back look, this would deviate your curls from curtaining your face, accessories and your outfit. At the crown of your head apply some Curlvana Curl-Defining styling Gel, which would amplify the curl pattern and smoothly slick it back or in the direction of your partition, you can either secure this smoothened portion with hair pins or use a clutch. Brush out the remaining lower part and let it loose.

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For the Hot Chocolate season

Winters are the time when you truly thank your fluffy, curly hair. It acts as a scarf and keeps your neck and ears warm. But let’s make this a bit stylish. Opt for fashionable trench coats and knee-high boots this winter. Play with different colours and textures by layering.

Hot Chocolate season

Use your hair to lift the whole outfit, go for a voluminous half up or simply a curly puff. Take the front portion of your hair and backcomb it to achieve some volume, now all you gotta do is simply secure that puff with some pins. To define the curls, go for a leave-in conditioner which would also keep your hair moisturized and combat the dryness of winter. There you go! You got a warm and tidy updo.

With one for each occasion, we hope these outfit ideas and styling tips make you feel the best. Remember, your hair can make or break your whole look, make sure to keep it well-nourished so that it could be flexible towards all your needs.

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