How Do I Style My Curls: An Expert Guide

How Do I Style My Curls: An Expert Guide

Fabulous ringlets don’t come easy! Styling and maintaining curly hair is important to maintain healthy, adorable curls. When you discover how to style your curls, you learn ways to flaunt them the way they’re supposed to be flaunted and gradually fall head over heels in love with them.
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Let’s be honest here guys, owning curls is all fun and games until your curls begin to seem more twisted than your choices in life, which is when you know something needs to change about your hair care routine. So much has been talked about and shared online on curl care that at this point, it’s overwhelming. We’ve got your back, ladies and gentlemen.

Curly Hair

Styling your curls might seem like a herculean task, up until you understand your hair. The one size fits for all mentality doesn’t work for curly hair at all, because there exists a varied range of curly hair types. Discovering what works for your hair and what doesn’t is crucial to loving your hair. Let’s not make curl maintenance a lifelong struggle, because it really isn’t!

Here are a few tips and tricks to style short, medium, and long curly and wavy hair patterns. Get ready to take notes!

1.Grab a CG friendly shampoo and conditioner :

CG friendly shampoo and conditioner

The first and foremost step to curl care is treating your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. By good, we’re talking about gentle cleansers that do not steal moisture from your curls completely and a conditioner that generously moisturizes each strand. We’d suggest the Curlvana Curly Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, which is extremely light on your curls and removes build-up yet doesn’t dry out your hair. Ideally, you should shampoo your curls once a week, but this cleanser can be used regularly as it’s gentle on our locks.

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2.Style your curly hair right after a shower:

Style your curly hair

The styling products we usually use to scrunch our curls with, are meant to be applied right after the shower. Why? Because as your curls begin to dry, frizz starts to kick in, making the application difficult later. Also, scrunching products in your curls properly after a shower, helps with volume, giving you a beachy look, and making sure all the goodness seeps into your curls. Styling the front portion of your curly hair and setting curl bangs, if you have any, will transform your look altogether!

3.Detangling, but with care :


You must use a wide-toothed comb to untangle your curls and never a regular hairbrush. (That’d just be plain cruel!) Curlies would understand perfectly well that combing dry hair is painful and damaging. Needless to say, you should only comb your hair when it’s wet.

4.Pineapple for your beauty sleep:

Pineapple for your beauty sleep

If you set your hair free while going to sleep, you know you’ve signed up for a scream in the morning and styling curly hair in the morning would get really difficult. It’s always advised to plop your curls upside down, bring them together and tie them using a soft scrunchie. Do not tie your hair using an elastic tie, as it’ll cause damage and probably give you a headache too! The pineapple doesn’t flatten your curls and prevents your curls from tangling. You can also look up some curly hairstyles online to follow at night.

5.Weekly nourishment? check!:


Always make it a point to take out time during your weekend break to nourish your curls. Apply a CG-friendly hair mask containing ingredients that actually help repair the damage caused by colouring, heating tools, dust, pollution, and several others. For instance, the incredibly nourishing and hydrating hair mask from Curlvana’s glycerine-free range of curly hair care is fabulous.

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6.Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase:

Silk pillowcase

Cotton absorbs moisture. Curls get dry and frizzy when you sleep on a cotton pillowcase. Use silk and satin pillowcases instead, which are gentle on your hair and won’t cause a frizzy mess.

7.A bottom-up approach to brushing:

luscious curls

While brushing your luscious curls, always brush from the ends and work towards the top gently. So, the rule goes like this, end, middle, and top. Trust us, when we say, combing curls is easier this way.

8.Dry your curls the right way:

Dry your curls the right way

After washing and conditioning, wrap your curls in a cotton T-shirt or a microfibre towel to get rid of the excess water, and then let it air dry. You shouldn’t use a regular bathing towel, as it’ll mess up your hair, making the curls frizzy.

9.Coconut oil for the rescue:

Coconut oil for the rescue

You would already know that curls dry faster than any other type of hair. So weekly once, if you dedicate some time to applying coconut oil to your roots and ends well, it’ll make a huge difference. Coconut oil intensely hydrates the scalp and even improves hair growth.

10.Detangling after shampoo:

Detangling after shampoo

Here’s something that’s going to sound weird to you, but is actually worth knowing. Always detangle your curls soon after shampooing and before conditioning. Because once you apply a conditioner, detangling would only result in more tangles. Who would want that?

11.Heading for a haircut:

Heading for a haircut

Curl heads know how difficult it is to find a good stylist who understands your requirements and actually follows them. Take out that time to find a hairstylist who listens to you, also make it a point to communicate to them about your hair’s nature and your idea of the desired haircut. Getting your curls trimmed in the ends once in a while is a must, to avoid extreme knots and split ends.

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12.Do not mess with your hair wash routine:

hair wash routine

Yes, curly hair is prone to dryness, but you shouldn’t hold yourself back from shampooing or washing your hair at all times worrying about the same. If you won’t wash your curls, the dirt, grime, and build-up will stay put and that’s definitely not a healthy way to treat your curls.

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13.Style naturally curly hair without heat:

Style naturally curly hair

Using heating tools such as blow-dry and straighteners will damage your curls and frequent usage will result in irreparable damage. So it’s always better to not use them. If you feel really tempted to blow dry your hair, go for it once in a few months or something, and always make sure you use a heat protectant spray prior to it.

14.Let the volume talk:

volume talk

When you feel like adding a little extra volume to your curls for that oomph factor, plop your hair upside down and clap your curls between your hands and crunch them gently.

15.Pamper your hair:

Pamper your hair

Investing in some good quality products and treating your hair to goodness is so important. Remember, when you pamper your curls, it shows.

Fabulous ringlets don’t come easy. You got to maintain them. Before stepping into curl care, make sure you stop fighting against your naturally curly hair and embrace the journey. Remember, while you are using heating tools to get straight hair, someone out there is googling how to get curly hair online. If you’re struggling to find reasons and need a reminder of how lucky you’re to have been blessed with curls.





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