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What Does Glycerine Do To Your Curls In Humidity?

What Does Glycerine Do To Your Curls In Humidity?

It is common to find glycerine in most hair care products. However, glycerine is often considered an enemy of curly hair, especially in summer. What is glycerine, and how is it good for hair? The a...
Curl Conditioner

What To Expect From A Curl Conditioner? Choose The Right Conditioner!

When it comes to choosing a conditioner, you have the privilege to pick the one which looks most appealing to you. But many people use a conditioner without being aware of the fact that they are us...
 Dry Curls

Extremely Dry Curls? Use Products With These Ingredients!

Managing curly hair is an arduous task. Hair care can be a nightmare when you have frizzy or dry curly hair. Apart from figuring out which curly hair routine works best for them, you also need to f...
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Curlvana Fortifying Curl Cleanse Shampoo, 200ml
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Curlvana Curl Shine Gentle Conditioner, 200ml
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Curlvana Deep-Nourish Hair Mask, 200ml
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Steps For Happy Curls

Fortifying Curl Cleanse Shampoo

Cleanse using this shampoo, and follow it up with Curl-Shine Conditioner and Curlvana Leave-in Cream, and get ready to rule the world.


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